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"FAIRY TAIL" is a manga work by Hiro Mashima, is the royal road fantasy adventure cartoon inherit the style of the previous work of also the royal road fantasy adventure cartoon "RAVE"!

The story unfolds with "the sorcerers who undertake the work as a mercenary-handyman" as an axis. A lot of scenes that they fight the enemy of the sorcerers with their friends and citizens are depicted. The main character Natsu Dragneel also is one of the sorcerers working as a handyman. "FAIRY TAIL" that he belongs to is a name of sorcerers guild and its member is very few but talented!

After all, the charm of such this work is the exhilarating battle scene and the strong friendship with the fellows!!!

The sorcery battle drawn with meticulous but sharp brushwork is a treasure trove of excitement. The excitement and the satisfaction of the reader side was too enough fun for a lover of fantasy like me. ( ゚ ∀ ゚ )=3

The very idea of using sorceries on a daily basis is quite impressive! In addition, in "FAIRY TAIL", the sympathy for the fellows is used as the motivation of the battle scene. Furthermore, the battle scene itself depict the cooperation with the fellows. Thus, the expression that the inside of the characters are exposed to the spotlight, is frequently used. Those story elements change the usually hot sorcery battle into the sorcery battle having more heat quantity. Therefore, the readers are just overwhelmed. (´v`)=3

The past, the thinking way, and the things to protect of the characters are depicted more firmly than other cartoons. So, if even a villain loses, sometimes the circumstance that you inevitably sympathize with him will be revealed ...

In such a story, the character who I had been attracted was Jellal Fernandes, a villain of vivid behavior. He is an important character and is deeply related to Erza Nightwalker who is one of the main characters. The episode about him is severe and complicated. Thus, it is one of the largest size episode in "FAIRY TAIL"!!

The relation between Jellal and Erza from the past involves main characters and develop to the big intrigue or affair ... Finally, the episode will finish with a fierce ending. (;≧o≦)

The figure of Jellal described in such an episode moved my heart deeply even though he was an enemy. ( ゚ ∀ ゚ )=3 Don't miss the story after the episode!! What does Jellal think? What will be the future of Jellal? By the way, Jellal is very similar to the certain character that appeared in the author's previous work “RAVE” before this series. You might be able to find many of sorcery that he uses are the remnants of a certain character. I don't know whether these settings come from the playfulness of the author or not. But it is a happy small copy for the people who have continued to enjoy the works from "RAVE" to "FAIRY TAIL", isn't it? (´v`)=3

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