Hidamari Sketch (ひだまりスケッチ)

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Hidamari Sketch originally was a four-panel cartoon, and was animated in 2007.
The animation was created and on air until 4th series.

Yuno passed the entrance exam of Yamabuki Arts High School that she always wanted to go, and will live in Hidamari (Sunshine) Apartments, which is in front of the school.

She encounters Miyako in the same grade and who lives at the next door, Hiro and Sae, her sempai and lives down stairs, and live a slow life.

In the animation, the conversation among girls is more described than school life.

There was a story that everybody goes to a zoo on weekend, but the most part of the animation goes on at Hidamari (Sunshine) Apartments.

This animation is like peeping conversation among girls, and there are no gags but it heals me.

The story is slow-going, but the direction is unique, so it doesn’t bore us. For example, small tools (like clocks or animals) that take place in the animation are inserted between scenes like a collage.

This kind of direction is only seen in Shaft (an animation creator) animation. You will not get bored, and you can enjoy the animation more.

The attractive point of Hidamari Sketch is that the personalities are cute.

The girls on scene are not too unique, but ordinary. They are natural and may exist in real life, so you can feel sympathy.

Sae is like a father to count on, Hiro is good at cooking and like a mother, Miya is free-spirited but does things right when needed and is like a big sister, and Yuno is obedient, always does her best and like a little sister. Each personality has her own role, and watching them, they seem to be like a real family, and its warms up my heart.

You will wish “I want to live with this kind of nice members” for sure.

If you like life style animation or want to be healed, I recommend this to you. Please check out the animation Hidamari Sketch.

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