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“Fate” series were originally debut masterpiece on commerce of a circle “TYPE-MOON” of Nasu Kinoko and Takeuchi Takashi who were making fan software “Tsukihime”.

And Fate/Stay Night, which I will introduce here, is the origin of “Fate” series, and the first commercial masterpiece.

The story happens at “Fuyuki City”, a city in the countryside of Japan. There is to be a battle among those who want the “holy grail”, a grail that realize the master’s dream. Shirou Emiya, a failure magician, (accidentally) take part in this battle. Not knowing the rules, he succeeds to contract with with a servant Saber (summoned knight) by accident, and survive the danger. Although, he is caught up in “Holy Grail War” in which 7 masters fight for dear life…

In the game, you have to choose a root to capture each heroin, and the personalities’ roles are different. Your friend can turn out to be an enemy, or turn out to become somebody you couldn’t imagine, etc. and you may take time to capture all roots, but never give up! If it takes time, it means it describes well each personalities’ thoughts or behaviors. When you finished capturing a heroin, you should love her!

“Fate”, which is called Saber root, “Unlimited Blade Works” of Rin Tohsaka root are animated. “Heaven’s Feel” of Sakura Matou root will be in cinema in 2017!

Servant Saber is always hungry, contrary to his handsomeness and elegant way of speaking.

Rin Tohsaka, master of servant Archer and member of Holy Grail War, is confident of herself but makes mistake when it becomes serious.

And Sakura Matou, who behaves like Shirou’s sister and always take care of him.

Every heroin has different character and the story changes a lot, so you won’t be bored by the story! Even after yearsm Fate series are still popular! If you don’t know this, you should read it now.

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