Love Hina (ラブひな)

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The main character Urashima Keitarou is a boy trying to pass the entrance exam for the last 2 years to go to the University of Tokyo, which is the most intelligent university in Japan because he wants to fulfill the promise with his old girl friend.

One day, Keitarou is invited to come to an inn called “Hinata Sou Inn”, which his grandmother manages since it has been a while. Although Keitarou is not most likely able to pass it after 2 years, he suddenly says to his mother, “I will go out of this house and work a short-time job” and leaves home as if he ran away from his house. He wishes like “if I could live in this inn for a while…”…

A girl who met in an outside public both in the inn misunderstands him as a pervert and chases him around.

Actually, while Keitarou doesn’t come, this Hinata Sou Inn became a ladies’ inn “Hinata Sou”, strictly prohibited to men.

Another disaster is coming.

As his grandmother (who is supposed to manage the inn) goes to another hospital to get treatment, his aunt who saves Keitarou tells him that his grandmother asks him to be the next manager. It seems like his aunt misunderstands that Keitarou is going to the University of Tokyo.

What is Keitarou going to be, as the manager of “Hinata Sou” in the course of nature…?

This is a rushing yet romantic comedy with the main character Keitarou trying to pass the University of Tokyo while managing the ladies’ inn.

The original work is manga, and this anime has its original story, so you can enjoy it as a different work with the anime’s original character.

Basically, the story is going ahead as Keitarou does something like a pervert and the main heroine Narusegawa Naru kicks Keitarou.

At first, I thought this would be a Harem genre anime which we often see, but as Keitarou likes Naru more and more, this anime is changing to more romantic one.
The main heroine Naru is Tsundere* and feels jealous when Keitarou is chatting with other girls, which is cute, though…My most favorite one in this work is the youngest girl Maehara Shinobu, who joins “Hinata Sou” due to her family problems. (*Tsundere is a Japanese word, meaning “sometimes cold, sometimes lovely”.)

She also has a special feeling to Keitarou.

She shows a radical reaction after getting scary when Keitarou becomes in a good relationship with other girls, such as her eyes get wet with tears, she gets faint. In the meantime, she is good and admirable enough to support Keitarou’s romance thinking “as long as Urashima-Senpai *can be happy”.
(*Senpai is a Japanese word, meaning “senior” and you can add this after the person’s name to call.)

You will feel like supporting her if you watch her admirable appearance!

Please have a look at Love Hina!

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