Comic Party (こみっくパーティー)

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Comic Party is a “fan love simulation game”, launched in 1999.

It is a game that mixed simulation game of creating fan magazine and adventure game encountering girls, and thanks to its originality, it was animated in 2001.

The story of the game is as follows; the player draws fan magazine while becoming closer to girls who draws fan magazines, costume players or event staffs.

The mission of the game is not only falling in love with girls, but to finish fan magazine.

It is unique and interesting because if the fan magazine does not realize, the game will be over. Also, if the level of fan magazine is too low, you cannot conquer personalities.

In the game, as well as creating fan magazine, “love” is a great factor. In the animation, the hero Kazuki grows up by creating fan magazine, and the heroin is only Takase Mizuki.

I would like to introduce you the game, which is the original version.

You can conquer 10 girls, which is quite voluminous.

Here is a short introduction of the 10 girls…

Takase Mizuki is a friend of the hero since high school.
Mikage Subaru is a very beginner of fan magazine creator. (She is added in DC ver.)
Makimura Minami, a chief staff of “Comic Party”, the biggest fan magazine vending club in the world.
Oba Eimi, the chief of a huge fan circle which sells magazines at a top level.
Hasebe Aya is an original fan mangaka (manga drawer) and has a high technique.
Inagawa Yu is a fan mangaka from the east side and is a trouble maker.
Tsukamoto Chisa is the only girl of a small printing factory that the hero uses.
Haga Reiko is in college, loves fighting game personality and is a popular costume player.
Sakurai Asaki is an animation fan who often buys fan magazine.
Tachikawa Ikumi is a junior high school student who has a heart disease and a big fan of Kazuki’s magazines.

As written, there are many unique girls in this game.

I especially like Inagawa Yu-chan. She is from the east side and friendly. She occurs problems and Comic Party puts her in black list, but she is sometimes girlish and takes care of others.

Her attractive point is that she goes on with her belief. She loves fan magazines and is found of it. She even screams “Fan magazine is my life” at the platform in the game.

Even when she fails, she tries again and this moved me.

Of course, not only Yu-chan but other girls are attractive too!

Please play the game!

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