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“DOG DAYS” has been broadcasted since April 2011, for 2 series, in total 2 cours*.
Actually, the third series started being broadcasted too. (≧o≦)
(*“Cour” is derived from a French word originally, used as “3-month term in broadcasting”.)

The story scene is based on a different world called Flonyard, where a country and a country are matching something like sports instead of fighting. The main character, a boy from the earth, called Cinque Izumi is invited to a country of Biscotti Republic in the world of Flonyard to be a brave man fighting for the country. A good thing is Cinque is good at athletics and acrobatics and decides to cooperate with Biscotti Republic……

As you can tell from this setting, there is almost nothing negative or misery in this story. (´v`)=3 The basic core consists of mental connections with people as well as people enjoying sports, so we can feel easy to access to the relaxing atmosphere of the story!! There is only a part of something serious at the ending part of the first series, but I think this becomes a good emphasis.

My favorite character is one of the heroines, Éclair Martinozzi. She is a bodyguard leader of a queen of Biscotti Republic, Millhiore Firianno Biscotti. Later, she is becoming a Cinque’s partner. However, this Éclair……is not much honest. (;^_^)
She is too obedient to her master Millhiore, while she is becoming super Tsundere to Cinque.
(*Tsundere is a Japanese word, meaning “sometimes cold, sometimes lovely”.)

However, according to the novel version, it is found that Cinque knows her true feeling although she tries showing her cold part.

This is because people in Flonyard have wild ears and tails, and we can tell what they are thinking with the tails moving!! The Tsundere girl’s true feeling which is supposed to be hidden is actually leaked to the public…Tsundere lovers will love this character surely. ( ゚ ∀ ゚ )=3 I also love this setting, so I could not stop chasing her without noticing. (´v`)=3

In other words, this work is basically something you can enjoy and get relaxed with. All the characters are cute girls, and as the story goes on, there will be more and more characters. (´v`)=3
If you are the person who wants to see anime with peaceful mind and smiles, this “DOG DAYS” is the best one for you!!

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