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Street Fighter is a 2D fighting game released by CAPCOM in 1987.

A player controls the main character, fights with worldwide fighters by one on one and wins by making the opponent’s physical power to zero (If time is out, the one with more power left will win). This is such a simple story! Very traditional battling game!

There are rival characters of representatives from Japan, America, China, UK, and Thailand. Each country has 2 persons and we fight with 10 persons in total.

The winner goes to the one who wins 2 out of 3 battles, while the other one is the loser (including a draw), as the rule of this game.

In 1991, “Street Fighter Ⅱ” was sold and became a super hit with so much development and improvement of the previous fighting system creating nice and fresh game characteristics! The game has been adapted to a wide range of media such as manga, anime, a live-action game etc.!

Such a popular game Street Fighter series’ attractive point for me is “to be a virtual game”.

Now you may imagine that Street Fighter series always has 6 buttons, but actually “Street Fighter Ⅰ” had only 2 buttons (punch and kick).

How to use low/medium/strong with 2 buttons depends on how you press buttons, so the smashing power will be stronger and stronger if you press harder and harder. (We have now more buttons and lever, so take the much-improved system for granted…)

So, we really needed to push buttons with very strong power at that time, and we always got sweat and tired crazily, while I felt as if I actually had fought on my own and it is very enjoyable.

After changing to the 6 buttons, anything deep like “to practice and remember techniques, use special techniques effectively, and smash the opponents at a proper timing understanding their movements” did not change at all and I feel that keeping it simple is interesting.
A sense of achievement and happiness when we are able to use the techniques that we gained after practicing cannot be explained enough!

Also, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to win if you remember all the techniques as you want to.

You know your rivals will avoid getting your attacking by guarding and steps.

If your rivals guard your huge attack, you just give them a chance instead. They will give you a strong counterattack next.

We need to guess what techniques your rivals will use as well as which techniques we should use, and this is more like a mental fighting and an interesting part of the real pleasure of fighting games.

You will be the true winner if you could have skills enough to cover all of the mental battles starting from the 2 buttons, the physical power to be able to continue playing for long hours, and intelligence...!

Please try Street Fighter series!

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