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There is a boarding school of more than 2000 students, on a hill surrounded by a forest. This seems to be an ordinary school, but…

This is the world after death!!!!!

Those who couldn’t unreasonably enjoy the youth and died are sent here, will enjoy youth with extra students (NPC), the attachment will disappear, rest in peace and live another life.

Otonashi Yuzuru, who died in a certain way, encounters a girl in this world.

Her name is Nakamura Yuri.

She is the leader of “Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS / The dead world frontier)”, an association of those who want to revenge God for their unreasonable death.

SSS considers students’ president as those who are close to God= angel.

Otonashi, not having the memory before death, doesn’t know what is happening and chose to fight with Yuri

What will happen to Otonashi, who reveals the mystery of this world on fighting with SSS members????

Daily peaceful school life with exams and ball playing, non-daily life fighting with angels with fire guns and swards, and the unreasonable lives of personalities.

Those three compose the story.

The attractive point of Angel Beats!, a youth animation of school in the world after death is;

The story which is a mixture of daily life and non-daily life (。・ω・)ノ

In the animation, there are gag scenes to laugh, stressful battle scenes and moving scenes that you may shed your tears.

This animation has a strange world, which is a mixture of fantasy, human drama, comedy, etc. and you will be eager to know the end…!!!

I was confused to see the hero said “You are already dead” at the first story of the animation, and a girl with armors, but watching it, I was already a prisoner of this animation…

Dramas happen continuously in a mysterious world. Students fight while passing a school life after death. You will be a prisoner of this mysterious story!

How will end the battle against angels? Can people be in peace? The last story is especially moving, so please don’t read the story but watch the animation from the 1st story!

Please check out Angel Beats!! ☆

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