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Super Sonico is a character with an interesting career history!!

She was originally a mascot of a live called “NITRO SUPER SONIC (NSS)”, held by a game company Nitroplus.

But! Once she was on pamphlets and posters, she got super popular and she appeared in the computer game as the heroine “SoniCom” (the abbreviation of Sonico and Communication!) started being sold!! A lot of her related products such as CDs and figures are also sold, and she also appeared in TV anime as the main character and it has been broadcasted since January 2014. (≧∀≦*)

In the game, the main character (a player) becomes an expressive photographer of a new coming idol Sonico, and communicates with her, while he completes the shooting tasks★

Moreover! Although the main character is trying to become a professional photographer, he is really bad at shooting of girls!! Can he guide Sonico to become a super idol???

This is such a story of him heading for a professional photographer and Sonico heading for an idol, opening the way to the future!

It is a very enjoyable game to fall in love with Sonico, support her idol activities of Sonico, and shoot her attractiveness!!...But it’s difficult to choose her costumes more than expected!!! Shooting itself is also super difficult until he gets used to. (・ω・;)(;・ω・)

However, we can see Sonico’s cute smile in the selected costumes, so I’m sure you will feel so happy♪

Not only the job, but also there is a factor of love and you can deeply get involved with Sonico, which is my recommended point!

In TV anime version, Sonico’s daily life, who works hard in university, as an idol, and in her band group “Daiichi Uchū Sokudo” is described well★

Actually Sonico is not just a sexy idol, but also a vocalist & guitarist of her girl-band “Daiichi Uchū Sokudo”.(*´・∀・*)
The anime’s good point is that Sonico not just as an idol and a band member, but also as a university student can be seen a lot!!!

Although she has many varieties, the biggest attractiveness of Sonico is her own character I think (。>v<。)

Sonico is not just bright and lively, but also a little bit naturally stupid enough for me to protect. Also, she has good style and the costumes are perfect on her!!!!!

She is cute and sexy…

Exactly PERFECT!!!

Also, her shy face is so cute and you must feel excited (人´ω`*)

Sonico as an idol, Sonico as a band member, Sonico as a university student…
Let’s support the cute girl from any angles Sonico together!!!!!!!!

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