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Fire Emblem Series is a very popular game which keeps being sold since 1990, and 15 titles are sold until now.

The series works are not exactly related to other titles, but basically, it takes place at a Middle-Aged European fantasy world, and the main character who is a descendant of the brave leads military and fights with enemies in the story.

Any titles are so traditional and let me become very passionate, so I was into it so much!!

By the way, this Fire Emblem Series is known as a pioneer to make a new genre of “simulation playing game” as one of the biggest features.

The player needs to control not only the main character but also all the military members during the battle with enemies.

The battle is moving forward like a board game and you will achieve and the purpose which is set for each map and clear the game……but in Fire Emblem Series, if supporters are attached during fighting, basically they won’t be able to be used in the later maps!!

They look all different on the face and their skills are all different, so you may find your favorite characters while you are playing. If so, the character doesn’t like to be killed for sure right? Depending on the character, being attacked means death so you don’t want your favorite one to be killed.

So, players are required to use brains a lot to play well.

However, this is the real pleasure of Fire Emblem Series!!
This system makes players plan strategies seriously and gets the story and characters more interesting! At least I felt so!!

Especially, I was into Lilina, who is the main heroine of Fire Emblem: the Binding Blade. She has a special feeling of love to her old friend (the main character) since a long time ago but feels something bitter because he doesn’t notice it at all.
As you can tell from this episode, she is a very shy girl. However, as the story goes on, she shows us an unexpected part of her. I really got moved by her gap because I was into Lilina and chasing her always.

In other words, Fire Emblem Series is something you can deeply get addicted to, in terms of the story, the system, and the characters!!

You must try and play it!

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