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“ONE PIECE” is so popular that it looks everyone in the world knows it. It has been being published in the Weekly Shonen Jump for over 15 years and the translated versions are sold in more than 30 countries. The manga has a circulation of 345,000,000 in the world as of November, 2013. It’s a large circulation in the world and this manga was recognized by the Guinness Book as “The most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author” on June 15, 2015. That’s awesome!!!! The anime series has been being aired for over 10 years and many companies have collaborated with this series.

This series follows the adventure of a pirate Monkey D Luffy who is looking for a treasure, One Piece, with his friends. While he gathers reliable friends and engages in desperate battles with the enemies standing his way, he earnestly pursues his dreams; being the king of pirates and a reunion with his benefactor Shanks. Luffy was alone in his adventure at the begging, but he is surrounded by many friends and his adventure is so lively now! Since their ship has a shipwright now, it looks more realistic that makes me seriously think I could make a comfortable voyage at least for a month! An adventurous voyage! Sounds cool!

There are fruits called “Devil Fruits” that give you special abilities in this series. Luffy is one of the people who got an ability from it. He has gotten out of problems by use of his special ability to stretch his body at will. Of course, a lot of his enemies also have some special abilities from Devil Fruits, too. One who can break his body in pieces, one whose body releases poison, one who can make the surroundings frozen… How many enemies did he fight with? It’s a tough work to trace the series of his battles. And I’m deeply impressed by him fighting manfully.

Since the members of Straw Hat Pirates including Luffy and other characters are so unique, I do want to peep into the mind of comic writer Oda Eiichiro’s to know how he makes such characters. The main theme song of the anime series “We are!” is famous, but I personally recommend a song called “Family” that Luffy and his friends sing. I imagine Luffy singing his solo part “The best people smile the best” “The best people are the strongest” with a big smile. I hope they will sing this song in the last episode. (I’m looking forward to the last episode while hoping this series lasts forever… I read this series excitedly every week and it’s an important thing for me, so I don’t want to imagine the end of this manga. I was really sad when NARUTO was completed.)

The series is still continued, and I think I’m so lucky that I can read it on a real-time basis. Spending a week to excitedly imagine how the story will develop every week… It’s a great pleasure, isn’t it? It can be hard to start this long series, but you might be absorbed in their adventure, forgetful of the time! My recommended episode is… Sorry! All episodes are highly recommended! Each episode has an impressive scene! You should read this amazing series from the beginning!

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