Amagi Brilliant Park (甘城ブリリアントパーク)

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The hero Kanie Seiya is a 1st grade student in high school, who used to be a genius child actor. He is handsome, intelligent, good at sports, and knows he is!

One day after school, a student from other school, Sento Isuzu, shows him a musket and asks him to go on a date. She is beautiful and if he says no, he will be in danger, so he answered “Yes!”, of course. She forced him to come to Amagi Brilliant Park, an amusement park!!!

They saw an empty park, with staffs non-willing to work, not well-maintained machines, etc. Amagi Brilliant Park has only a few guests by day, and its reputation is bad.

Latifah Fullanza, the girl who is president of this park, asks Kanie-kunto reconstitute Amagi Brilliant Park, a park with difficulties ヾ(*・∀・)/

Actually, Latifah Fullanza, Sento Isuzu, and those who work in Amagi Brilliant Park are all from “Maple Land”, a magical land!

People from Maple Land have to collect “Animus”, an energy crystallized by “fun” or “happiness” of guests to live. Latifah Fullanza and their people were collecting Animus by managing Amagi Brilliant Park. (Of course, there are no bads! It is a win-win relationship because guests will be happy and the staffs can get energy!)

But!! As to the contract, Amagi Brilliant Park has to close if they have less than 5,000,000 guests in 5 years. Already 4 years and 9 monthes have passed, and only 25,000,000 people visited there. (It’s too hard for a princess of magical land to manage a, amusement park…) Latifah and her friends ask Kanie Seiya to reconstitute and have 25,000,000 more guests in 3 monthes…!!!

I think there are mainly 2 points that the animation, Amagi Brilliant Park, whose theme is to reconstitute an amusement park, is interesting ☆

First, the story is interesting!

In the animation, there are many fantasy factors because people from magical land appears!!!

On the other hand, people make efforts to “reconstitute an amusement park”. For example, they have to repair machines while not having enough budget, suspending open hours, etc. and these should be problems that real managers of amusement parks should worry about.

As mentioned above, this animation is interesting because fantasy factors and real factors are all mixed in a story. Also, the ideas of Kanie Seiya to recover the management are original, and you can enjoy them too! (Especially the idea to create a promotional video of the amusement park is splendid… He was a genius child actor, but he really was a genius!)

Second point is the personalities!

In Amagi Brilliant Park, there are many unique and cute girls (・∀・`*)

Other than Latifah Fullanza and Sento Isuzu mentioned above, there are 4 cute fairies called Sylphy, Kobory, Muse and Salama.

Those 4 fairies are not only cute, but one is addicted to smartphone, or another wants to fly by turning around its twin tails, etc. They are unique and will attract you!

There are not only cute girls. The mascot character of the amusement park has a peculiarity (●´∀`●*)

Kanie Seiya did too much effort to reconstitute the amusement park, and gets ill. On behalf of him, the mascot character and the fairies transform into him and go to school for few days. Each fairies should have gone to school one by another, but didn’t share what happened at school. (For example, a girl confessed her love to Kanie-kun, or a boy who was in love with the girl wanted a duel with him, etc.) If Kanie-kun went to school in this situation… You will laugh aloud of this originality!

Please check the animation, Amagi Brilliant Park ♪

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