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Lucky Star is originally a 4-panel cartoon work and adopted to TV anime in 2007.

With 4 girls consist of a nerdy girl Izumi Konata, the classmate Hiiragi Tsukasa, Takara Miyuki, and Tsukasa’s twin elderly sister Hiiragi Kagami, this relaxing comedy anime is drawn well describing their high school girls’ daily lives!

Before getting animated, it is popular enough to be adopted to drama CD and games etc. After the anime is made, it becomes more popular to one of the famous works of visiting the locations of the scenes taken in the anime, or pilgrimage*, as well as promoting the locations.

  • Pilgrimage – the locations of stories in works such anime and manga, and the related locations are called “holy places”, and pilgrimage means visiting the “holy places”.

The anime is 24 one-off stories in total.

In the anime, basically small daily concerns, something that happens often, homework and tests topic which are very student-like, and other things which we can feel very close to are taken as its topic.
Also, the main character is a nerd, so there are a lot of nerdy topics and parodies and they are very enjoyable.

Their comedy with a funny one and a straight one are very natural so you will really feel as if you peeped their girls’ daily lives in this work.

This is one of the most representing daily life-like anime! The feature of Lucky Star is the characters that appear, who are 4 girls, but you might think “Are they seriously high school students?”.

The main character Izumi Konata, who is a 142 cm tall with poor boobs while she is a nerdy and her personality is like an old man.
A naturally stupid girl Hiiragi Tsukasa, who is good at cooking and house works while not good at studying. A girl who is an intelligent and rich girl but uses a polite way of speaking even to friends, Takara Miyuki. A girl who is good at studying but not good at cooking, and loves games but insists that she is not a nerd, Hiiragi Kagami.

Those characteristic cute girls spend relaxing daily lives, which will definitely make you get relaxed for sure!

Personally, I like Tsukasa-chan. When it comes to Comiket, she is stupid enough to say “Komi-ke*? Which hair?”. However, she does cooking and house works perfectly, and the gap makes me get into her.

  • Ke is meaning of “hair” in Japanese.

Also, not only the characters but also the stories are very interesting.
Especially, episode 22 and 24 are too good for me and I was not able to stop crying…

I was surprised that I did not imagine to cry with Lucky Star which has only relaxing daily lives.
Lots of laugh, touching scenes, and cute girls! The perfect work without any complaints is this Lucky Star!

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