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(USED) [Adult] Hentai Comics - Oshama Na Yousei (おしゃまな幼性) / Ponsuke
I'm a fan of Ponsuke
This book came in great condition as Doujin Republic Promised. As a fan of Ponsuke's artwork I can I was not disappointed. The he draws lolis is just great to look at. I say to any if you are a fan for lols and/or Ponsuke's art I ask that you give this a try if you have the chance.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Vanguard / Mob Character (ルナアムお♂ん♂ん握手会) / oda九
Great service
Received product very fast and well protected. Would recommend this service to anyone wanting to buy a doujin
[Adult] Doujinshi - Rozen Maiden / Suigintou & Kirakishou (ばらにく!3) / Tousen Soudou
Danke :)
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Rozen Maiden / Suigintou & Kirakishou & Hinaichigo (ばらにく!) / Tousen Soudou
Danke :)
[Adult] Doujinshi - Pokémon (ULTRA BUTT) / Akusei-Shinseibutsu
excellent product, superb shipping.
this product was great, and was shipped in amazing condition discreetly and quickly, which is always appreciated with adult products. one of the best experiences I have had with a doujin seller in a long time.
[Adult] Doujinshi - DanMachi (褐色の女剣士ティオネ〜悪堕ち洗脳触手絶頂地獄〜) / Kleitos
Great shipping and great artworks
First I wanted to say thanks for the great and fast shipping from you doujinrepublic. You do a great job :-)
The doujin I bought are great, really nice quality of the book sites and the artworks are great.
10/10 would buy again.
(USED) Tapestry - Taimanin Series ([単品] 幻影不知火 B2 「対魔忍ユキカゼ」 電気外祭り 2016 SUMMER in 浅草&C90グッズ)
Took forever to ship but thats ok . Overall i give it a 5 star . Product was used but looks brand new to me :)
[Adult] Doujinshi - Novel - Anthology - Love Live! Sunshine!! / Kurosawa Dia & Matsuura Kanan (4C) / Kamibukuro Works
very Good.
The story, Really nice.
Im Really enjoyed. I cant say anything. You should buy if you interested!!
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Novel - Love Live! Sunshine!! / Matsuura Kanan x Ohara Mari (犬可愛い果南ちゃんと鞠莉理事長) / Waterfall
very nice!!
The conditions are really nice.
It says Used but I Don't mind, very clean and good conditions. Thank you again for special present. Im very Happy.

This doujinshi, omg you should read if you are interested.
(USED) [Adult] Hentai Comics - SANWA COMICS (豊満むっちりパイ (SANWA COMICS No.)) / Muronaga Char siu
Chub galore!
You like chub/plump? Then BUY THIS! All the girls are so cute and the squishyness of their bodies are depicted perfectly.
[Adult] Doujinshi - この、卑怯ものっ!! / Number2
Top Quality Artwork
Aside from the typical blackmailing storyline the artwork for this doujinshi is spectular and to top it off its all in color. definitely worth getting if your a fan of amazing artwork
[Adult] Doujinshi - Doraemon (F26) / Izumiya
Una compra genial
Un evío muy rápido y un doujinshi de gran calidad.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi (ゆずのえにっき) / ふらいぱん大魔王 (Furaipan Daimaou)
Envio rápido
El enveio del doujinshi no podría haber sido más rápido. Una compra estupenda.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Solty Rei (2STROKE YZ) / 2Stroke
Una compra genial
Fue toda una sorpresa encontrar este doujinshi y estoy encantado con la compra.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Digimon / Tachikawa Mimi (ソラミミアワー 6) / Studio TAMO
Fantástica compra
Una oportunidad de hacerme con un doujinshi único a un precio fabuloso y con un envío muy rápido.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Digimon Adventure / Tachikawa Mimi (ソラミミアワー) / スタジオTAMO/エレナクラブ
Todo genial
El doujinshi ha llegado en perfecto estado y el precio por este ha sido genial.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Evangelion / Asuka Langley (Confusion LEVEL A vol.4) / Kohakutei
Really cute doujinshi
I've been a fan of Asuka for almost 20 years, and the artwork is spot on for her facial expressions. All body designs are exceptionally well detailed, and match what was in the show.

A recommended purchase, but you should get the complete set of (as I write this) 5 volumes.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - 3年B組・馬並先生 ~ふたなり体育教師・森田律子~ / DOZA Village
I have been looking for this doujinshi for a while and finally found it here. It was a very reasonable price and was it perfect condition. The doujinshi itself is great & easily worth the price.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - EROTIC MANIA vol.2 / UNIMARU
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Kantai Collection / Atago & Takao (SLAVE+CRUISER) / waterwheel
Good condition, good service, but special gift not takao many thank you
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Shaman King (夜光華) / RED DRAGON

Somewhat cute and hot together with an awesone drawing style. The only complain would be that it was too short. Good, good, goodie, the packages arrives really fast. <3
(USED) [Adult] Hentai Comics - Hitoduma Life (ヒトヅマライフ (TENMA COMICS)) / Shinozuka Yuuji
Not consistent but still good
I bought this book as it was the only way to get the first two chapters of "One Time Gal". Unfortunately, these chapters are the highlights and everything else kind of falls short. First are cheating or rape, then it gets into more vanilla themes. The last few chapters are pretty simple-looking and aren't really at the same level of detail as the first few chapters.

Since it's primarily a book of cheating, if you want the basic premise of the stories an intermediate grasp of the Japanese language will be necessary.
[Adult] Hentai Comics - Fujimi Comics (童貞男子更生委員会 (富士美コミックス)) / Tamagoro
Horny bitches galore
This Tamagoro compilation includes the first three chapters as part of a small story and the rest are one shots. What great is that all the art is pretty consistent so the quality is same throughout! Most chapters are JK, one is gyaru, one DP, two shota, and one loli+shota.

Not too heavy on Japanese, so you can get by without missing much.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Persona5 / Niijima Makoto (THE QUEEN FALL) / Salt choc
Misleading cover
The cover made it look as though Makoto was going to be a bound up sex slave, but the pages within are purely vanilla sex. Disappointing and boring if you're expecting something more hardcore like the cover.
[Adult] Doujinshi - Drakengard (DRAG-ON DRAGOON) (Fourth the dream) / MUSHIRINGO
In excellent condition
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Drakengard (DRAG-ON DRAGOON) (愛しの豚姫様) / MUSHIRINGO
In excellent condition despite used
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Kantai Collection / Harbour Princess (Kouwansei-Ki) (ABYSS OF YOUR TITS) / Gate of XIII
One of my Favorites, Awesome Full-Color Pages
I came across this work while browsing, and this one stuck out because of some things: beautifully colored pages, and great style. I personally enjoy the parodies to Kancolle, but this is still one of the most unique and best ones I have read (and bought).

I will say that it is a little think compared to other Doujin, and because I imagine the colored pages were quite costly to print it starts right on the back of the front all the way until the back cover. I wish it had the little extra drawing the DL version has.

As per usual, Doujin Republic has established itself as the best service for getting Doujin directly to American readers. Perfectly packaged, and tracked.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - EROTIC MANIA vol.2 / UNIMARU
(USED) Doujinshi - Concrete Revolutio (氷川へきるデザインワークス「神化」) / Spicy Daisakusen
SPicy Daisakusen Review
As a big fan of this anime series, I thought that the doujin content was interesting. The packaging, customer service and understanding of the clients needs are very good to excellent.
[Adult] Doujinshi - IM@S / Iori & Takane (アイドル粘膜握手会) / Evork Festa
Beautiful Color Illustrations
A good amount of color illustrations featuring Iori and Takane. Both girls look very attractive in his art style, in vanilla and gangbang situations. Evork Festa has also improved his ability to draw normal body proportions.
[Adult] Doujinshi - TEAM KANARE ILLUSTRATIONS 2016 -palfum- / 香流組
Love it
I have always loved Illustration books and this one is very good and in full color.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Rockman / Mega Man (ウォーロックレポート) / Zenra Restaurant
I love this doujinshi, Luna has always been my favorite Megaman girl. 👀
[Adult] Doujinshi - Irregular Contact / pinvise
Momopiyo 2
Suzutsuki Kurara is a legend, been waiting for this! a good solid effort full of cute boobs.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Sora no Otoshimono / Mitsuki Sohara & Sakurai Tomoki & Satsukitane Mikako (天使の居ぬ間に…2) / pinvise
I still want to see a Nymph doujin from pinvise you know...
Pinvise draws the best sora no otoshimono doujin!
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Ikki-Tousen / Guan Yu & Musashibo Benkei (蜀漢満漢全席漆黒嬢闘姫) / DIOGENES CLUB
First order and first review
So I was looking for a good site to buy some doujins, specifically Ikki Tousen Doujinshi. This site has a great collection on them and other series as well. Even though I went low on shipping, I was still largely impress on the way they deliver their package. I will probably will be buying some books once in a while from here from now on.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - WATAMOTE! (メメント・モコ Memento Moco) / Kakumei Seifu Kouhoushitsu
Excellent First Impression from Doujin Republic! Great Read!
I actually ended up finding the website, Doujin republic, by accident. I was looking for this particular work, and they were the only ones who had it in stock. But am I glad they were the ones that did - excellent packaging, as advertised condition, and pretty cheap shipping everything considered! The extra book cover included for free alongside appreciative paperwork made me feel appreciated as a customer, and I am sure going to buy from them again!

This particular work interested me because of the style similarities to the actual Watamote work (the official releases) - anyone who wants to read it in English can google the translation. This artist has just released another work recently, which too bad seems to be shorter than this but still - I like the style, and with excellent the Doujin Republic service, I am all the more satisfied!
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - Touhou Project / Konpaku Youmu (TOHO LINGERIE BOOK 2) / いかのかい
Lovely doujinshi, well packed and always a pleasure to receive!
Doujinshi - Illustration book - cheveux noirs / ぶるーかっこねこ
Lovely doujinshi, well packed and always a pleasure to receive!
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - collettolog2 / みのしば
Lovely doujinshi, well packed and always a pleasure to receive!
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - 動物制服 / カワクウズウズ (Kawaku uzu uzu)
Lovely doujinshi, well packed and always a pleasure to receive!
Doujinshi - Illustration book - dolce ed una ragazza / みのしば
Lovely doujinshi, well packed and always a pleasure to receive!
(USED) [Adult] Hentai Comics - Fujimi Comics (恋えっち (富士美コミックス)) / 睦月
Another great artist!!!
(USED) [Adult] Hentai Comics - Maihime (妹秘め (WANIMAGAZINE COMICS SPECIAL)) / Akino Sora
Finally got my own copy!!!
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - KILL la KILL (アニメーション原画集 一) / TRIGGER
First purchase
Great price compared to other sellers. Came well packed in near new quality
[Adult] Doujinshi - IM@S: Cinderella Girls / Anastasia (愛しのアーニャ) / Nokishita no Nekoya
Full-color wonder!
This is the first full color doujin I've ever bought. Not disappointed at all.
Fans of Anya rejoice, cuz this is some high quality stuff o/
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - 凄乳巫女 触贄 / ぱいんとさいず (Pint Size)
Tig ol' Bitties
Like big breasts? Like huge breasts? Do you like tentacles? If yes, then this doujin is for you! Additionally, this story contains breast expansion, nothing grotesque, they still appear similar to the cover art (maybe bigger though).
Great doujin, well worth the generously low price.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - タマヒメサマ / おぞね / おぞね/関東動画會 (OZONE)
Futanari Heaven
If you're into any of the following: Size comparison (genitals & breasts), Autofellatio, Autopaizuri, Futa on Futa, Any size and combination of Penis and Balls, Full-package futanari, Urethra sex, Uncircumcised, Large ejaculations... Then I'd strongly recommend you purchase this doujin! The artwork is spectacular, the text doesn't get in the way of the art, and the multitude of fetishes contained within, truly make this a masterpiece among futanari doujins.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Omnibus - Compilation - ふたなり黒タイツのスライム姉さんに踏まれて掘られて気持ちよくなっちゃう本 ~総集編~ / Mebiusの環 (Mebius no Kan)
Futanari and Foot fetish galore!
This collection follows one guy and his futanari slime-girl lover as they indulge in a range of fetishes such as: Feet (incl. feetjobs), Futa on Male, Swimsuits, and more!
Well worth the price, would recommend for anyone who shares any of the above fetishes.
[Adult] Doujinshi - 魔物娘図鑑・被害報告 〜チェシャ猫のおいでませ不思議の国〜 / クロビネガ (Kurobinega)
Big Cat Tats
This is doujin based on Monster Girl Encyclopedia's Cheshire Cat, which both are drawn/written by Kenkou Cross. The illustrations in this manga are great and you also get to see some of the other monster girls in a few panels. I wholeheartedly recommend this if you like cat girls.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - To Love-Ru / Konjiki no Yami (えっちぃのが大好きです) / Shiawase Kanmiryou
Spectacular artwork and amazing service
The item I received came packaged carefully and had no damages at all. The book itself is very nice and the art is just beyond amazing. Thank you for your wonderful service !!!