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by V.M / Brazil March 23, 2017
Awesome!! Item arrived very quickly. Very high quality doujin, full-colored pages and great paper too. I even got a little Anya freebie as a gift from the site :D thanks again for the excellent service ^^
by L / Singapore March 23, 2017
Good and reliable. Good service from customer support and item arrived in about 2 weeks after purchase in perfect condition would be purchasing again :)
by B.W Male / Singapore March 22, 2017
Good service but it would be better if it was shipped out the same day I orderer/ once the item arrive none the less I will definitely br buying from you guys again
by H.R Male / United States March 22, 2017
My items were shipped with great care and quickly. They arrived in perfect condition. I've been very happy so far. :)
by M / United States March 22, 2017
Superior Quality. When I received the package, I wasn't expecting a very well kept parcel for this item. I was completely impressed by the quality and care I got for this amazing doujin about Cindy~ I'm definitely going to buy more from this site again since they really stress quality!
by N.L / France March 19, 2017
New World Record ! Oh man! You send my book this Monday (March 13th), and I received it this Saturday (the 18th)! In one week only! Awesome! Thanks for the gift, you're great guys!
by M.I / United States March 19, 2017
Despite being a used it copy, it was still in very good condition.
by J Male / United States March 17, 2017
My item arrived on time and the package was in great shape. Thanks so much!
by F.S Male / Chile March 16, 2017
Its my first purchase and im very impressed with the package and my five doujins. If you want buy quality doujin with amazing packaging this the perfect place.
by D.D Male / United States March 15, 2017
by C.K / United States March 14, 2017
Definitely Great Quality/Service. The reputation of this company is high in my standards. My Doujinshi arrived promptly, undamaged and quality as advertised. I'm very grateful for Shingo I. for the good service for a collector like myself.
by S Male / Paraguay March 11, 2017
Excellent condition and most excellent delivery time. Great to do business.
by B Male / United States March 11, 2017
Very pleased
by S.N Male / United States March 11, 2017
I was satisfied with the service. My questions were answered the staff was nice and they worked with me if I had difficulties.
by M.A Other / United States March 9, 2017
GREAT love your store will shop again! perfect
by C.G Male / United States March 9, 2017
Service is quite quick and the variety of items is very good.
by J / South Korea March 9, 2017
Very Nice!
by C.G / United States March 9, 2017
Came in without a problem. My item came in without a single problem, and it seemed like it came in earlier than what I expected.
by D.S / Russia March 9, 2017
Very good. Thank you very much! All perfectly! I have no words! Shipping - 5/5 Packing - 5/5 Quality - 5/5
by N / Spain March 7, 2017
Arrived in perfect condition. Awesome product, great quality, fast delivery and very nice!!
by D.R / United States March 7, 2017
Very good service. Item arrived perfectly and seller took pictures of the used item for me. Very good service. arrived fast.
by M / United States March 7, 2017
Great Buy. Happy with purchase, super hard to find
by M / France March 7, 2017
Arrived in perfect condition. Nothing to say, thank you and keep the good work.
by J Male / United States March 6, 2017
by S.G Male / United States March 6, 2017
by C Male / United States March 6, 2017
Excellent service.
by D.V Male / United States March 6, 2017
by B.T Male / United Kingdom March 5, 2017
Easy to pay good communication and prompt delivery. Excellent service.
by S.C Male / Taiwan March 3, 2017
Very Good
by F Male / United States March 2, 2017
I was very pleased with your services. This site is excellent by all means keep up the great service. Thank you very much
by J Male / United States March 2, 2017
Amazing customer service and fast shipping! Product was packaged with great care and goods arrived in excellent condition. Will definitely be purchasing from this site more!
by K Male / United States March 2, 2017
The quality of the Doujinshi I ordered from you and the speed in which I received it are both beyond what I had expected.
by J.A Male / Mexico March 1, 2017
Very good service. Package arrived fast and in perfect condition. x3 this site is so great
by P.C Male / Canada Feb. 28, 2017
Always outstanding service quick responses and everything has always arrived in good condition. The staff has always helped me find what I've been looking for whether it's through other sites auction etc.
by E.C / United States Feb. 25, 2017
This was my first purchase from the site and am quite glad with it. Been wanting to read the doujin after seeing the cover floating around many months ago. As for the packaging, it was great as it was raining the day it came and none of the actual doujin got wet thanks to its multiple layers of protection.
by C / United Kingdom Feb. 25, 2017
This is an incredibly rare doujin outside of Asia, worth the price and incredibly high quality.
by S Male / Norway Feb. 25, 2017
Fast shipping secure packaging everything arrived in pristine condition. I'll be shopping here again. :-)
by S.P Male / United States Feb. 24, 2017
The customer service was excellent and the products were in top condition. I was a little concerned for ordering a used product but it was if it was brand new. I will be ordering more from this website in the future.
by J.A Male / Mexico Feb. 24, 2017
Very good service. Package arrived fast and in perfect condition. x2
by K.S / Canada Feb. 22, 2017
Excellent. Fabulous store! Every doujinshi that you can imagine and very well stocked. Customer service is the BEST!
by N.G Male / Israel Feb. 22, 2017
Proving to be great as usual! Items arrived very quickly and in top condition. Can't wait to purchase more!
by M.O Male / Germany Feb. 20, 2017
by L Female / United States Feb. 18, 2017
Great service. Doujinshi arrived in great shape. I love this site.
by K.T Male / Ireland Feb. 18, 2017
Excellent service as always and items were packed great as usual
by H.R Male / United States Feb. 16, 2017
Your service is great. My order arrived fast and in perfect condition. The books that I ordered looked great and near mint condition. I'm very happy with my order and the amount of care you took when shipping my order. I'm very pleased.
by D.M Male / United States Feb. 15, 2017
I was initially looking for 2 books that I wanted some time ago here on this website but they have been sold out. Thankfully there is an option to have them restocked and when I requested to restock the items they promptly did it! I was relieved and placed my order. I was definitely satisfied with my order and will continue doing business here!
by G Male / United States Feb. 15, 2017
by G.M / Hungary Feb. 15, 2017
Fast shipping, and in perfect condition.
by K / United States Feb. 15, 2017
Excellent. Always happy to receive my items from Doujin Republic. Service is fabulous!
by M.I / United States Feb. 15, 2017
Item arrived on time and in excellent condition