Customers' Feedback ( 7 valued customers in Singapore)

by G Male / Singapore June 12, 2017
Really great and pleasant time buying with you guys!
by L / Singapore March 23, 2017
Good and reliable. Good service from customer support and item arrived in about 2 weeks after purchase in perfect condition would be purchasing again :)
by B.W Male / Singapore March 22, 2017
Good service but it would be better if it was shipped out the same day I orderer/ once the item arrive none the less I will definitely br buying from you guys again
by K.N Male / Singapore Oct. 1, 2016
This order was perfect. I feel a little embarassed for typing up so much last time because it really feels like you've made every effort to please me with this. The doujinshi looks spotless brand new. Box was a perfect fit. Packaging stayed easy-to-remove as according to your vision. "Fragile" on the box was a nice touch. You guys gave me a $10 discount without photo evidence and top of that you seem to always know what to gift along with the purchase - that's way too kind! Just like with the Neptune cushion strap the Sena strap looks like exclusive merchandise - I love it. I'm almost curious to know what else you have. If only I was a bigger collector/anime fan. I have absolutely no problem buying from Doujin Republic now. Might have even enjoyed myself unboxing the package today. I definitely felt your dedication to your work in this package. It reminded me more of like a friendly eBay seller relationship than just buying from a faceless store (packaging gifts etc. I bought cards from someone from Japan like this before). Thank you very much.
by R Male / Singapore Sept. 29, 2016
by J.O Male / Singapore Sept. 9, 2016
Items came in this time fast and had no damage.
by K.N Male / Singapore Sept. 7, 2016
Tiny bit of edge damage from a slight bend. A minor nick or two as well but I did buy it Used. Appreciate the special gift included it was obviously hand picked based on what I ordered. Very thoughtful.