Customers' Feedback ( 45 valued customers in Canada)

by B.B Male / Canada July 26, 2017
by N.K Male / Canada July 14, 2017
Shipping was fast and items were very well packaged to protect them and were in very good condition
by L Male / Canada June 22, 2017
by V.G Male / Canada June 22, 2017
Once again DoujinRepublic did not disappoint. My order shipped in less than a week and arrived even quicker at my doorstep. The packaging was excellent and the content well protected. I can hardly wait for the next 100$ coupon next month to order again!
by P.D Male / Canada April 20, 2017
Arrived on time.
by K / Canada April 14, 2017
Lovely doujinshi, well packed and always a pleasure to receive!
by T Male / Canada April 12, 2017
This isn't feedback but Canada Post won't mark a package as received even when it's received. This also causes Japan Post to not know that the package has arrived. Just a warning for you.
by K / Canada March 30, 2017
by P.C Male / Canada Feb. 28, 2017
Always outstanding service quick responses and everything has always arrived in good condition. The staff has always helped me find what I've been looking for whether it's through other sites auction etc.
by K.S / Canada Feb. 22, 2017
Excellent. Fabulous store! Every doujinshi that you can imagine and very well stocked. Customer service is the BEST!
by C.G Male / Canada Jan. 19, 2017
the product arrives in pristine condition
by V.G Male / Canada Jan. 17, 2017
Great service as usual! My order shipped pretty fast even tough it was the end of December. The packaging is impressive as always and I got as a bonus with my order a bunch of clear book cover protector. It was a nice thought considering my collection is getting larger and I wish to protect my favorite acquisition!
by G.V Male / Canada Jan. 16, 2017
It's always a pleasure to buy from Doujin Republic and I recently learned about Goods Republic that I can actually recommend to my friends. I'll definitely buy again from DR and GR.
by K.W / Canada Jan. 8, 2017
Always extremely happy with my purchase. Items and packaging are excellent with fast and safe shipping. Doujinshi and customer service are excellent! Always a pleasure to purchase!
by P.D Male / Canada Jan. 7, 2017
I have received it. Thank you very much. I appreciate the little gift you left for me as well. Your service is worth the price. I will be buying from you again.
by K / Canada Dec. 24, 2016
Got the product in about three weeks and it is brand new because it is a reprint. No damage and good packaging.
by A.L Male / Canada Dec. 24, 2016
Pick time took a surprisingly long time but the shipping speed was amazing
by G.V Male / Canada Dec. 15, 2016
I was never disappointed with their delivery. After several orders I can assure that their service is very good. Even when I take something tag as used the quality is good.
by S.J Male / Canada Dec. 15, 2016
by T.B Male / Canada Dec. 1, 2016
Love the selection of products. First time customer and my only complaint would be that things where a little slow to get sent out. But I hear that was because of delays due to the comiket event. So I'll let that slide. Will purchase from again.
by D Male / Canada Nov. 11, 2016
Fast shipping and was happily surprised by the free gift.
by K.S / Canada Oct. 23, 2016
AMAZING first purchase! Item is in perfect condition. Communication, packing and shipping are SUPERB!!
by M.M Male / Canada Oct. 21, 2016
I was really happy to get that special gift specially picked to fit what I had bought. It was unexpected and funny to see doujinrepublic realized I like that character.
by V.G Male / Canada Oct. 19, 2016
My order shipped very fast and they did an awesome job with the packaging! After ordering a bunch of doujinshi I asked them if they could find two that weren't available (one was out of the stock and the other just wasn't on the website at all). In less then 4 hours they messaged me to tell me that both of them had been added and now available. I was able to combine both of them with my first order to save on shipping! I have never seen customer service so good. Keep doing what your doing DoujinRepublic!
by V.G Male / Canada Oct. 19, 2016
My order shipped in a few days and was completely free! It was neatly packed and protected by 2 layers of bubble wrap. Since I'm a returning customer I was able to buy a monthly discount coupon (you save 10$+2$ every consecutive month you buy them). They also took time to remember me to pick up my order at the post office since I wasn't home when the delivery was made. Absolutely amazing customer service!
by V.G Male / Canada Oct. 18, 2016
My order shipped in less than a week. The packaging is amazing as always and they answered me quickly when I had a few question. They even gave me a small gift about what I bought! I will definitely buy here again!
by J.L / Canada Oct. 17, 2016
Honestly oustanding service! You can tell they company really cares about their customers! Wow! Blown away with the outstanding service provided here!! I don't write many reviews, however I give credit when it is due. Lets start with the packaging. My art book came in perfect condition thanks to the bubble wrapped, secure package. I give packaging 10/10. Inside my package was some very wonderful surprises! I little information about the company and a cite glossy print, and they sent me a very kawaii cushion strap from the same series as the artbook, for free!! I was so surprised and happy, it made my day to know that my business went to such wonderful people at doujin republic. Overall my package arrive quickly to me here in Canada, arrived unblemished and with a great little surprise! Thank you so much guys, and keep up the good work! I will be ordering a lot more from you! I wish I could give them 100 stars, because they truly deserve it. Worth the price, don't second guess it! You wont find this kind of service anywhere else!!
by A.B Male / Canada Oct. 13, 2016
At first I was doubtful for used item but now I won't look at any other place.Very fast delievery Used item almost like new one Service is great too and the price isnt that bad at all. What more can you ask? Oh wait they gave me a free bonus gift from the series which I bought Doujinshi from.
by P Male / Canada Oct. 4, 2016
I have ordered many times and have always received fast responses and reliable service. I also appreciate that the staff kept an eye out for an item that was originally not available and contacted me as soon as it was available on auction.
by A / Canada Sept. 24, 2016
Item came in on time, well packaged, and there is even a small gift!!!
by C.L Male / Canada Sept. 23, 2016
Arrived quick packaged well. I ordered two books separately but you knew to include them in the same package. Free gift was a really nice treat :)
by V.G Male / Canada Sept. 18, 2016
They did a great job! The staff took time to explain to me how things work and answered my question quickly and politely. I got my order in only 4 days (in Canada!) and that was with free shipping! The product were packed with great care. I even got a badge themed around what I bought. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in buying doujin older and recent ones!
by D Male / Canada Sept. 17, 2016
A little on the pricey side but you're not gonna find a better selection anywhere else then you will here for doujins. Plus the shipment is done so quickly once they officially get the items ready to ship off and it's well packaged too. They even gave me some extra swag to go with the purchase.
by J Male / Canada Sept. 16, 2016
Fast service and great packaging
by S.W Male / Canada Sept. 2, 2016
Package came surprisingly quick and was very well packaged. The perosnal letter to me was also a very nice touch. Will definitely shop here again for must have doujins.
by P Male / Canada Sept. 1, 2016
Always fast responses/service! Some items aren't always available but that isn't the fault of the service so otherwise I am usually quite satisfied.
by C.N Male / Canada Aug. 17, 2016
Good service packaging and quick shipping.
by C Male / Canada July 6, 2016
by A.P Male / Canada June 21, 2016
by G.V Male / Canada June 15, 2016
I was worried at first as it was my first time on Doujin Republic but I tried. The result? A package with every item I had order arrived after a few days without any incident.
by M Female / Canada June 5, 2016
Very satisfied with my purchases! The people working here are kind and respond to inquiries quite quickly. The package also arrived quickly and packaged well.
by L.S Male / Canada June 1, 2016
pretty neat and good with shipping very satisfied with the products
by O.P Male / Canada May 19, 2016
Amazing service don't change a thing
by A.P Male / Canada April 5, 2016
Being able to see prices in different currencies would be a nice addition.
by K.D Male / Canada March 8, 2016
Great addition to my collection of duojinshi with my favorite characters on it! Thank you! I really love your shop, it is fantastic!