Customers' Feedback ( 11 valued customers in Finland)

by J.P Male / Finland Aug. 8, 2017
by J.P Male / Finland June 25, 2017
by J.P Male / Finland June 10, 2017
by J.P Male / Finland June 7, 2017
by J.P Male / Finland May 5, 2017
Very satisfied.
by J.H / Finland Feb. 14, 2017
by J.H Male / Finland Jan. 26, 2017
I was really surprised. The packaging was really well done. I will definitely order something again. Thank you very much.
by T.L Male / Finland Dec. 8, 2016
Great customer service and good place to find something very rare. The website has nice and simple design and searching for specific circle was easy.
by J.V Male / Finland Oct. 28, 2016
This is probably the most pleasant service I've ever exprienced. In past I've mainly used a proxy to order items from Japan. I came upon otakurepublic and doujinrepublic by accident when searching certain Touhou arrange CD from C90. I've always wanted to get some interesting doujins from Japan but the proxy had certain policies that restricted what I could order. Doujinrepublic gives me previews of the items which gives more incite to order stuff you haven't even read. Now that I've recently ordered from both Doujinrepublic and Otakurepublic I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of packaging. The items were in perfect condition and to my surprise there was even gift merchandise bundled into my order from series I happen to like very much. I've yet to try custom requests but honestly the staff seems to already list items that people have requested in past and more likely those are the items others want too so they are playing the game right. The items seems to also be reasonably priced I don't think you can buy doujin merchandize cheaper anywhere else internationally.
by J.P Male / Finland Aug. 4, 2016
Book was packed really well and arrived in excellent condition. A pleasure to do business with. Many thanks!
by J.H Male / Finland June 22, 2016
The packaging was very professionally handled. Everything arrived in perfect condition. My long search for a few certain doujins has finally come to an end as well. Totally worth the price! If I ever need to find any other rare or hard-to-find items I will use these services again gladly.