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(゜∇ ゜) NEW GAME! is a 4-panel manga started in 2013!

(σゝ∀・)σNEW GAME! is famous for the parole, “Kyou mo Ichinichi Ganbaruzoi! (I’m gonna do my best today)”. It was famous on the Internet, and NEW GAME’s book were sold a lot. In 2016, it was animated!!

The hero, Suzukaze Aoba, graduates from high school and works at Eagle Jump, a game producing company which created his favorite game, Fairies Story. With kind senpais (seniors), he become mature making efforts as a worker!

NEW GAME! is funny for their unique personalities!!

( ´艸`) Suzukaze Aoba is meek, mild and makes efforts, Yagami Kou is rough and handsome, Tooyama Rin takes care of everybody, Takimono Hifumi is too shy and cannot speak except for by chat, Shinoda Hajime is careless and cute and Iijima Yun has western dialect and loves gothic Lolita fashion, etc. You won’t be annoyed, it will make you smile…!!

(*`д´)σ=σPersonally, I absolutely love Hifumi-senpai!!!!!!

Especially in the second story at the animation, He tried to control Aoba with 1000 yens and he stole my heart. Afterwards, I was looking only at Hifumi-senpai!!! Soujirou is the happiest hedgehog of the world… Oh I wish I could go to bar with Hifumi-senpai! I want to take the orders for Hifumi-senpai who has difficulty in speaking!!! Of course, the alcohol will be straight, not rock or weakened!!!!

m9(`・ω・´) Although the attractive point of NEW GAME! is not only its cute personalities!! Every paroles of senpais lets me think “what is work”. What is it to create product as a “work”? Senpais’ words for Aoba, when he is in trouble, move us too…! Reading this manga, you will gain courage to work from tomorrow. Is is a nice manga.

(σ´∪`σ)After reading, you should say,
“Kyou mo Ichinichi Ganbaruzoi! (I’m gonna do my best today!)”

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