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[Adult] Doujin Game - Doujin CG collection (CD soft) (レゲーの女神様:レイカ編) (Hentai, R18)
Timegal having a bit of quality family fun
Arikawadou does a hentai collection of just Timegal.
Most of the scenes are from the game so fans can enjoy.
Little bummed out that there are no tentacles going all the way through her but if you like Timegal its a solid collection.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Monhan no Erohon (もんはんのえろほん10) / UDON-YA (Hentai, R18)
The desing is really good
[Adult] Doujinshi - Persona5 / Takamaki Ann & Niijima Makoto & Sakura Futaba (アトラススーパースターズ3) / Bronco Hitoritabi (Hentai, R18)
really good
It is a fairly extensive book, the mini stories are made by various really good
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Compilation - Monhan no Erohon (【総集編単品】もんはんのえろほん G2 6-10+おまけ本総集編) / UDON-YA (Hentai, R18)
The design is bright and it is a fairly extensive edition.
quality/price is wonderful.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Fire Emblem Awakening / Tharja (HONEY BUMP PPV 7) / HONEY BUMP (Hentai, R18)
too bad
is a 2 pages fanfic. it only have 2 pages...
I feel very scammed to pay this price for only 2 sheets.
[Adult] Hentai Figure - High School DxD / Rias Gremory (リアス・グレモリー 素肌ワイシャツ姿で誘惑Ver. 「ハイスクールD×D BorN」 極美 Girls Glamorous 1/10 PVC&ABS製塗装済み完成品) (Hentai, R18)
10/10 on this item. I preordered it five months ago and it was well worth the wait. Item came in perfect condition, and came with a interchangeable part (that I did not know it came with).

The staff of DoujinRepublic was wonderful as well; answered any questions I may of had and also kept up with my order if anything seemed wrong from their side.

Overall, I love this item. Quick thank you to Shingo and the maker.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - CLANNAD / Fujibayashi Kyo (某有名○校女子トイレ盗撮 2次元美少女編 Vol.3) / Juicy Fruits (Hentai, R18)
(USED) (人妻Aさんと息子の友人Nくん)
really excellent quality.
Looks like new, perfect quality and fast shipping.
(USED) [Adult] Hentai Comics - TENMA COMICS (Comic LO) (きっずちゃれんじ / mizu) / mizu (Hentai, R18)
perfect service.
Fast shipping and excellent items quality.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - キニナルアノコ / In The Sky (Hentai, R18)
Colorful art and fantastic art. Sadly it's a bit on the short side.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Novel - Shingeki no Kyojin / Eren & Armin & Mikasa & Mike Zakarias (エレンが僕のお尻を狙っている件。) / Daitoutaku (Hentai, R18)
Good Buy
I bought this and it was a good buy
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Anthology - Street Fighter / Chun-Li & Poison (絶頂トランスポイズン) / Arsenothelus (Hentai, R18)
Exceptional Second Story
This doujin is a quality mixed bag, depending on your taste in art. It contains two stories, illustrated by Rebis and Chinbotsu (沈没) respectively, both of which have standard "paired black bar" censorship over genitals.

Rebis' work is cute and would appeal to anyone who appreciates feminine futanari with "more" realistic proportions.

Where the doujishi really shines for me is in the second story.
Chinbotsu's futanaris are hyper-exaggerated in mannerism, proportion, and expression. There's an aggressive angularity to the work and an impressive level of detail in the characters' features. Shot composition, character's movements and positions, and panel layout are all more dynamic and original here than in most other doujin, and evidences the artist's desire to create novel, and thus more stimulating, material. Chinbotsu's section gets a full five stars.

This doujin features a gorgeous and appealing pair of styles - though they are so distinct that they would likely appeal to two different audiences - so I recommend it. However, while this book was solid, I would recommend that any Street Fighter, Poison, or futanari fan purchase the doujinshi "Sengoku Joketsu Emaki" instead, as it features the superior second story and various pin-up style works by Chinbotsu (沈没).
Doujinshi - Illustration book - Anthology - Fate/Grand Order / All Characters (Fate Series) (Girls Order Vol.3) / AliceFlag
Honestly Beautiful
The book shipped in safely and came with another book i purchased, no bends and no damages. It was packed very nicely, neatly, and was what I wanted. Well worth my money~
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Sword Art Online (Mad tea party) / Seven Days Holiday (Hentai, R18)
Fantastic packaging, arrived in great condition
The item was packed in sturdy envelope. Inside the envelope, the item was wrapped in two layers of bubble wrap and was then protected by cardboard on each side.

My item arrived in perfect condition, along with a little bonus gift. I will certainly be shopping here again.
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - fish / 正経同人 (Seikeidoujin)
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - 跳んで恋して抱きしめて!! / 狐狸古里本舗 (Kori Kori Honpo) (Hentai, R18)
One of the best Doujin I've read!
This volume not only has great art, but nice romance stores (easy to follow even if you don't read Japanese) and fun plot, in addition to the well-done sex scenes. Both human-furry (antelope? Gazelle?) and fur-fur scenes. Check it out, you won't regret it!
[Adult] Doujinshi - Love Live! Sunshine!! / Watanabe You (たまっちゃったよ渡辺さん) / Erostellus (Hentai, R18)
You doujins never disapoint
Very nice. Art is crisp and doujin is pretty good
(USED) (ふわふわっふる! ~ぱん ART WORKS~ 初回限定版)
I love this art works
Best art works
(USED) [Adult] Dakimakura Cover - GRANBLUE FANTASY / Narumeia (【グランブルーファンタジー】上限解放お姉ちゃん抱き枕カバー ナルメア(藤ます) C94/藤屋本店) (Hentai, R18)
Simply Gorgeous
The Daki is unbelieveable cute and Gorgeous produced Really High Quality and a must have for Nee-San Fans.
The Shipping was Really fast and the package perfectly safe wrapped.
Shopping 100% Again in the Future .
My Favourite J-Store ♥️
Customer Support 11/10.
[Adult] Doujinshi - Walkure Romanze / Bertille Althusser (Oh Bertile! More!&More!!) / KEMOKOMOYA (Hentai, R18)
Great packaging, great item
Very satisfied with the purchase, will definitely buy again from this website! :D
[Adult] Doujinshi - Azur Lane / Atago & Takao (愛宕と高雄~after hours~) / Dennou Yamasakigumi (Hentai, R18)
Affordable Book
Short Sketchbook with some graphic Images. Small but not expensive. A good add-on for your order.
[Adult] Doujinshi - ヤリモク交園 / 洋蘭堂 (Yourandou) (Hentai, R18)
Nice doujinshi
Amazing work by the talented Sugi G.
[Adult] Doujinshi - 2nDsukebe / 洋蘭堂 (Yourandou) (Hentai, R18)
Amazing Artwork
Great work by the talented Sugi G.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Street Fighter (ダ村) / オロレンジャー (Hentai, R18)
Got this book out of curiosity thinking it was some Ibuki/Elena/Dudley action...but boy I was wrong!
It surprised me that it’s about 30 pages of all the SF III characters being silly. There’s little m/m content, and some neat illustrations to boot. The book condition as always excellent, so thank you, that brings me to a second addition to my new doujin collection!
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Love Live! Sunshine!! / Sakurauchi Riko (SUN OF BEACH 夏桜) / Stollen (Hentai, R18)
Great work coming from this artist. Will buy more works from them
[Adult] Doujinshi - Fate/Grand Order / Abigail Williams (Fate Series) (千の仔を孕む森の少女) / Nanajuu-nen-shiki Yuukyuu Kikan (Hentai, R18)
Another beautiful Doujin by Oktio
A doujin by the talented Okito Endou. Illustrations and line art are beautiful, character designs are fantastic and appealing in design. Only downside of this release is that it is not in color; it's all black in white. That being said, there is still shading and lighting applied to all panels and doesn't look flat at all. Highly recommend if you are a fan of this persons work.
[Adult] Doujinshi - Novel - Illustration book - 体育の日 / 寅島市広報課 (Torajima-shi Kouhouka) (Hentai, R18)
Back to the basics
It's been a while Torajimaneko and the circle Torajimashi Kouhouka didn't published novels about Fuguri and Manx, as at his begins in 2001. It's a great pleasure to have this piece on my collection! Not only for the illustrations, but for the adventures of giant boys from M5656.

Get it !
[Adult] Doujinshi - Fate/stay night / Rider (Kibisis) / Kokonokiya (Hentai, R18)
A great doujinshi
If you like a Rider x Shirou pairing with excellent artwork, get this doujinshi... And the Unlimited Bedtime Works by the same author/circle. It is well worth it!
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - 異怪性奴 いかいせいど / RIN (Hentai, R18)
Gorgeous, violent.
This is a gorgeous doujinshi by Mochi featuring lovely oni lolis and very consistent artwork. The story is for anyone who loves things equally intense as they are beautiful and is is very hardcore.

The pages are all high quality shiny matte print.

This book contains guro, noncon, physical violence, and dismemberment.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Omnibus - OTOKONOKO まとめ本 2013‐2015+α / Candy paddle (Hentai, R18)
I adore you Doujin Republic!
I received my package super fast and in a extremely good condition. In addition Doujin Republic gave me an otokonoko Keychain goodie, this is so adorable thank you so much! I love you guys 😊💕
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Jormungand (迫真武器商人部 性の裏技 第二章.mp4) / Un mendiant (Hentai, R18)
(USED) Doujinshi - Tekken (鉢巻 HACHIMAKI) / beetle beat
V Good
The packaging was just as described nothing was damaged. Despite the condition being used the book looked like new.
Aside from that, the doujin has nice illustrations, ranging from Yoshimitsu, to the ever popular Asuka & Lili. It’s a nice start to my doujin collection!
(USED) Doujinshi - Kantai Collection / Bismarck (Kan Colle) (【コピー誌】#01 BISMARCK) / HMA
came on time. Still in good condition.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Compilation - ウサニャンCOMPLETE / Ash wing (Hentai, R18)
Loved it!
Ash Wing is one of my favorite artists so I was super excited to buy this, love all the artwork and it came in perfect shape.
[Adult] Hentai Comics - BAVEL COMICS (COMIC BAVEL(コミックバベル) 2018年 04 月号 [雑誌]) (Hentai, R18)
First order from Doujin Republic
Perfect condition. Fast shipping)
(USED) Tapestry - IM@S: Cinderella Girls / Sagisawa Fumika (【アイドルマスター】B2タペストリー 水着ver 鷺沢文香(阿月唯) C94/LOLLIPOP)
Heart-warming Smile
One of the most beautiful and cutest tapestries I have witnessed so far. Her smile is contagious, the quality of the colours and the fabric is top-notch. There's absolutely nothing not to like about this tapestry. Even better if you love the Idolmaster series but still great if you don't.

The tapestry came safely and nicely packaged in a not bigger than necessary package. No scratches or other damage was on the tapestry. Thank you!
[Adult] Doujinshi - ONE PIECE / Nami & Robin (楽園女海賊5淫乱尋問) / DIOGENES CLUB (Hentai, R18)
Missing a certain someone.
Wonderful artwork, but a little misleading, as the front cover would have you believe both Robin and Nami are featured.
However, this book focuses only on Nami. If you're a Robin-lover like myself, don't expect to see her in this book unfortunately.
[Adult] Doujinshi - Fate/stay night / Archer x Rin Tohsaka & Archer x Rin Tohsaka (ふたり、初めての×××) / Fate/staynight (Hentai, R18)
Thank you
Archer looks ~30..
Very well packed, arrived safely!
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Fate/stay night / Rin Tohsaka (RED ZONE) / Girls...Now (Hentai, R18)
Thank you
Very well packed, arrived safely!
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Fate Series / Rin Tohsaka (RED ZONE 3) / Girls...Now (Hentai, R18)
Thank you
Linework sketchier than expected.
Very well packed, arrived safely!
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Fate Series / Rin & Lancer (BLUE ECLIPSE) / Nonsense (Hentai, R18)
Thank you
Very well packed, arrived safely!
[Adult] Doujinshi - Fate/Grand Order / Minamoto no Raikou (Fate Series) (F/GO) / H&K (Hentai, R18)
Great book, great package, great service.
Thanks from France.
[Adult] Doujinshi - NARUTO / Naruto & Sakura & Tsunade (ジャングルGT) / Naruho-dou (Hentai, R18)
Interesting line and plot a good title.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - GRANBLUE FANTASY / Strum (スツルム殿と挿して遊ぼう!!) / Ringoya (Hentai, R18)
Such a great doujin
Such a lovely doujin of one of the best Draph girls Sturm, arrived so fast and in perfect condition too
Doujinshi - Illustration book - Xenogears (STRAGE) / つちのこステーキ丼
Fantastic Xenogears Artbook
STRAGE is a collection of some of the finest pieces of Xenogears art I've ever seen- from both the main cast and minor characters like the Elements.

If you're a fan of the series or just like beautiful art, grab STRAGE!
(USED) Doujinshi - Novel - Love Live! Sunshine!! / Watanabe You (居酒屋曜ちゃん vol.3) / 居酒屋曜ちゃん
Really cute
I needed this. I love books full of nesoberis.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Illustration book - Love Live! Sunshine!! / Takami Chika & Kurosawa Dia & Sakurauchi Riko (わ、わ 勝手に入っちゃ ダメだよ!!) / Suteuka no Koya (Hentai, R18)
I like it
Plan to buy more from this artist. Priority shipping made the purchase worth it
Doujinshi Cover B5 (5 packs: 60 sheets)
Protects Doujinshi
These covers are great, glad i can protect my doujinshi with these.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt (SPILL over) / SADISTIC MARY (Hentai, R18)
Great Art
She does great work! I look forward to getting some of her new works.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Bleach (Flash Back 20050813) / SADISTIC MARY (Hentai, R18)
Great Art
Love her work!