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(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Ah! Megami-sama (Nightmare of My Goddes Idlilng number) / Tenzan Factory (Hentai, R18)
un peu écorné par le voyage,mais c'est sans importance.
C'est tout au plus un brouillon interessant.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Ah! Megami-sama (Goddess Pleasure Life) / Tenzan Factory (Hentai, R18)
un peu écorné mais c'est sans importance.Très satisfait!
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Street Fighter / Chun-Li (はるうらら 参) / P-collection (Hentai, R18)
I have it at last!
Short, sweet and ties into Street Fighter Lore.

Doujinshi - Falcom / Juna Crawford (これってカレカノですか!?) / ChaosMode
Oh my god!! This is so good!
I really really love Yuna and Kurt~ They are so cute in this story. They are just worrying too much for each other but once they break that barrier, it seems like everything break.

Musse and Ash are so funny in this story as well when they tried to pull them even closer to each other but Yuna and Kurt just went beyond their imagination.
[Adult] Doujinshi - KonoSuba / Megumin (めぐイチャ4(クリアファイルセット)) / JASmon (Hentai, R18)
Thank you
I have to indicate that the manga has an exceptional quality. Count on my future purchase
[Adult] Doujinshi - KonoSuba / Megumin (【緊急クエスト】ロリっ子めぐみんを攻略せよ!!) / Jajujo (Hentai, R18)
Thank you
I have to indicate that the manga has an exceptional quality. Count on my future purchase...
[Adult] Doujinshi - KonoSuba / Megumin (【緊急クエスト】ロリっ子めぐみんを攻略せよ!!) / Jajujo (Hentai, R18)
Thank you
I have to indicate that the manga has an exceptional quality. Count on my future purchase...
[Adult] Doujinshi - KonoSuba / Megumin (祝女地図2) / Shikishima GunTool (Hentai, R18)
10/10 Doujin & Shipping
40 pages of some of the best artwork.
Certainly has me wanting the rest of the Konosuba Doujins from this artist.
Shipping was also great. I appreciate the extra gift as well!!
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - Fate/Grand Order / Jeanne d'Arc & Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) & Ishtar & Caster of Nightless City (Flagments Order) / なんかの工房
Lovely as always
1) Arrived as promised.
2) Very good condition.
3) Packaging is satisfactory.
[Adult] Doujinshi - Black Rock Shooter / Chariot & Strength (Strength and~END~) / Tottoko Mtarou (Hentai, R18)
muh waifu
came in perfectly. no marks, brand new.
would buy from again.
[Adult] Doujinshi - Strength and 3 / とっとこMたろう (Tottoko Mtarou) (Hentai, R18)
came in perfectly. no marks, brand new.
would buy from again.
[Adult] Doujinshi - Black Rock Shooter / Strength (Strength and 2) / Tottoko Mtarou (Hentai, R18)
waifu review
came in perfectly. no marks, brand new.
would buy from again.
[Adult] Doujinshi - 痴女医葵ハルカの顔騎治療室 / Gぱんだ (G-PANDA) (Hentai, R18)
痴女医葵ハルカの顔騎治療室 / Gぱんだ (G-PANDA)
The shipment was very fast. I'm proud and happy to say that they are good in packaging a book. I look forward to buying from this nice site.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha / Takamachi Nanoha (UNHAPPY GIRL・b/13 13) / Happy Man (Hentai, R18)
[Adult] Hentai Anime - Papa Love (パパラブ Royal asset 〜美尻っ娘・変態仮面のパパパンツ狂騒曲〜 [DVD]) (Hentai, R18)
Papa Love
Product was shipped fast and in great care; as for the anime it’s really steamy! No regrets buying it here!
[Adult] Doujinshi - Illustration book - NieR: Automata / 2B & A2 (SENSUAL Vol.15) / Castlism (Hentai, R18)
Great quality work
I am a fan of the game and it is interesting to see two of its characters drawn very beautifully.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Sentou Yousei Shoujo Tasukete! Mave-chan (戦闘妖精 榧 改) / MISS BLACK OFFLINE (Hentai, R18)
An oldie but goodie
Saw this Doujin many years ago and thought it was very hot, so I had the courage to finally buy a copy!

The story is fairly simple, a busty Futanari woman (Or android?) with a huge bulge that'd make pornstars envious is captured by a seductive lady/android. Most of which involves the main character being teased and forced to give into her sexual desires full of orgasm denials and a mind break. This Doujin is based off an OVA, Mave-Chan with a busty gal in a flight attendant suit, not really a classic :p But the author seems to have based our busty/bulgey heroine on two different characters, the main one with the green hair, and another with a deadpan face.

Speaking of the author, Miss Black really knows how to make gorgeous women and futas. The cover alone is probably one of the hottest things I've ever seen, I just love her! Too bad Miss Black never made a sequel to this, the character was really cute enough to star in a few more volumes ;)

The only negative thing I guess I could say is that theres never been any English translations done for this doujin :( Some of Miss Blacks other works have had a translation done, why not this one? It'd enhance the experience if I could understand the dirty talk haha.

The transaction however was great! Buying from the Doujin Republic was a very good experience, Mr. Iwakiri and his staff were very kind and enthusiastic in our dealings. The packaging was neat and discreet ( Imagine the look on the post office if it were a see through package lol ). It did arrive about 3 weeks, although I wasn't in a rush so it's to be expected.

Overall, I'd definitely buy from these guys again. Feels like your buying the actual doujins from a comic store.

I give this doujin a 5/5 for being just so darn hot ;) The girl in this is waifu material.
Doujinshi Case for 5 Doujinshi (A4) Clear x Blue
Recommend Doujinshi Supply
I purchased a (A4) doujinshi case since I’ve bought some (B5) cases for my current doujin collection which by far its actually quite reliable and perfect to keep my doujin collection safe and in excellent condition. It is also the same for my illustration books so I definitely recommend this item for those who want to keep their books in perfect shape, unaged, and safely stored.
(USED) Doujinshi - Pokémon (wedding) / pomme
item like new, excellent condition
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Kemono (Furry) (おっぱいが溢れている。) / 童チキクレ (Hentai, R18)
item like new, excellent condition
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Pokémon (ねこのきもちいい) / Odoshiro Canvas (Hentai, R18)
item like new, excellent condition
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Anthology - Pokémon (♀ザングのうすい本!) / にゃわて荘 (Hentai, R18)
item like new, excellent condition
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Touhou Project / Flandre Scarlet (ある日フランちゃんを拾ってきた。) / Kingyo Origin (Hentai, R18)
Was skeptical about a used item but it looks brand new. Can't even tell it was pre-owned. Decent shipping time, no complaints. Took about two weeks.
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - TEENAGE WASTELAND / アニメ風来坊
I Love Toshiyuki Sato's Work!
The main reason I purchased this doujinshi was because it contained the drawings of Animator Toshiyuki Sato. Who I am a big fan of. Most of the drawings from this donjon are from him! Personally, I think his work is underrated and deserves more recognition. Although, there are drawings from animators (Who I assume to be his colleagues.) in here as well. I am not familiar with them. If anyone reading this is a fan of Sato's work then I highly recommend this doujin!
[Adult] Eroge (Hentai Game) - unicorn-a (天極姫2 〜覇権争奪、幻妖の将星〜 【unicorn-aセレクション】 通常版) (Hentai, R18)
10/10 nothing was damaged
Very good packing :)
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Sword Art Online (ペロペロスグにゃん) / ParadiseGom (Hentai, R18)
Perfect condition
It took quite a while to arrive, but it got halfway across the world in perfect condition, and with a little something extra!
Doujinshi - Illustration book - Fate/Grand Order / Lancer & Saber Alter & Semiramis & Cleopatra (CHALDEA Lingerie Collection Vol.2) / Nekono Oyashiro
As usual, mashu does a great artwork again.

Attractive, colorul, you can think about this artwork.
(USED) Doujinshi - Touhou Project (どげんかせんと小町) / Yuukyuu Kikansha
1st touhou doujin
The quality is top notch, love the doujin and will order more in the future. Great website for ordering limited goody.
Tapestry - Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou / Centorea Shianus & Miia (モンスター娘のいる日常 B2タペストリー ミーア&セントレア)
Awesome wall scroll
The wall scroll is a really nice quality and size with a very good print
Doujinshi - Omnibus - Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia) / Matsushima Michiru & Suou Amane & Irisu Makina (FRUIT BOX!) / PONDE☆R
Item was shipped hella secured
Doujin was quickly delivered in hella secured packaging and came with a very kind protective book cover gift.
Admittingly, the prices seem high but for a middleman service with a more unique selection of doujins, its kinda justified along with the hella high quality customer service.
(USED) [Adult] Hentai Comics - Fujimi Comics (天使の雫 ドラマCD付限定版) / TYPE.90 (Hentai, R18)
Great Handling
Exactly as shown, the packaging was great and nothing was damaged. 10/10
(USED) Doujinshi - BP2号勝手に作成 スタジオから棄てられた伊東岳彦の絵達(笑) / 闇の魔法陣 (Yami No Mahoujin)
A nice doujinshi
This book contains mangaka Takehiko Ito's various sketches from over the years that you won't find elsewhere. Some very interesting Outlaw Star content too. This one really just for big fans of his work.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - IM@S: Cinderella Girls / Jougasaki Mika (だましうちII) / OrangeMaru (Hentai, R18)
It's perfect
Love the packaging. Very protective and the condition is good.
[Adult] Doujinshi - Illustration book - IM@S: Cinderella Girls / Uzuki & Mayu & Sagisawa Fumika (易しい学生制服図鑑~アイマス編~) / 着衣で縛るお^p^ (Hentai, R18)
Item is perfect.
[Adult] Doujinshi - Compilation - Sailor Moon / Sailor Mercury & Sailor Mars & Sailor Jupiter (MERCURY SHADOW総集編+α) / Alice no Takarabako (Hentai, R18)
Amazing Artwork and story by Mizuryu kei. This is an omnibus of the Inner Senshis’ transformation into perverted sluts which contains all five previous chapters including Mercury Shadow (1, 2, & 5), Mars Volta, Tears of Jupiter and bonus chapters α and β. This is definitely a must have item if you’re a fan of the Sailor Moon series or the artist in general.
[Adult] Doujinshi - IM@S: Cinderella Girls / Yorita Yoshino (依田芳乃と蜜月の日々) / Garimpeiro (Hentai, R18)
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Pokémon / Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) (【単品】PM GALS メスサトシ) / ギャンブラー倶楽部(LUCKY CLUB) (Hentai, R18)
Really small
The total length from front cover to back is 8 pages. So it’s pretty small but the art is really good.
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - Anthology - No Game, No Life (ノーワーク・ノーライフです!) / pixel phantom
very nice
very good packaging,
the book arrived in very good condition
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - elves / 70年式悠久機関 (Nanajuu-nen-shiki Yuukyuu Kikan) (Hentai, R18)
A good doujinshi
I hope the circle creates a sequel to this. The artwork is excellent and the story makes you want to ship a Parn x Deedlit x Pirotess pairing.
[Adult] Hentai Figure - Amakano (「アマカノ」上林 聖 ネイティブ BINDing) (Hentai, R18)
Beautiful figure! Great quality! Packaging was really well done as always! Keep up the good work! :)
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - 【C95】無限軌道A 6点セット / 無限軌道A (MUGENKIDOU A) (Hentai, R18)
Love everything
The Package: clean
product: flawless
thank you note: the best

Definitely buying more
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Persona5 / Kawakami Sadayo & Protagonist (川上の前では節制できない説) / Wareme (Hentai, R18)
(C94) 川上の前では節制できない説
Excellent artwork and story by Koppe. Outside of the main girls, Kawakami Sadayo is one the most fan favorite confidant and mature character in Persona 5. If you’re a fan of Protagonist x Kawakami or the series in general I highly adding this doujin in your collection ASAP whenever it’s available because it is a very hard to find and even though its been nearly 9 months since its release you wouldn’t be able find it anywhere else and if you are able to find a available copy it’ll be a very rare item at a even higher price.
(USED) Neck Strap - Kantai Collection / Shimakaze & Kaga & Yamato & Taihou (【艦隊これくしょん~艦これ~】ネックストラップ(館川まこ) C86/WNB(ワンブ))
Great Customer Service
Customer service was excellent, the item was in great condition and was packaged packaged with care.
(USED) Doujinshi - Novel - Smile PreCure! / Aoki Reika (Cure Beauty) (Dolce / SIG) / SIG/六十三
I love it.
Many stories about Reika and Joker. A must have.
[Adult] Hentai Comics - WANI MAGAZINE (FRESH FLESH) / bobobo (Hentai, R18)
Lovely Doujin
Bobobo has a sexy artstyle that makes these plump women look great. Fun read and the color pages are a real treat
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Ah! Megami-sama / Belldandy (CANDY BELL12) / RPG COMPANY2 (Hentai, R18)
Item received and in good condition
Item delivered. Thanks.
[Adult] Doujinshi - Ah! Megami-sama / Belldandy & Urd & Peorth (CANDY BELL13) / RPG COMPANY2 (Hentai, R18)
Item received and in good condition
Item received and in good condition. Thanks.
(USED) [Adult] Doujinshi - Taimanin Asagi (悪女本) / EROQUIS! (Hentai, R18)
(C79) [EROQUIS!] 悪女本 (対魔忍アサギ)
Excellent artwork and story by another favorite japanese artist Butch’s-U. Based on a Lilith’s eroge game “Tamainin Asagi” which covers a non-canon origin story of the series antagonist, Oboro. Characters from the spin-off or Lilith titles also makes a small cameo appearance in a bonus story to find out which one of the women deserves the title of “Bad Girl”. It is a rare gem and highly recommended to those who are fans of the Tamainin series or Lilith in general.
3-Piece Doujinshi Case Set (B5) Pink x Pink
Great Doujin Supply
I was easily able to keep my all my purchased B5 doujins organized and protected with the doujin cases now in which I no longer have rely on the bubble wrapped bag with the cardboard covers that comes with the package. Highly recommended item for those who want to keep their doujin in excellent condition, organized, and wants a small to personal collection.
Doujinshi - Illustration book - Fate/Grand Order / Jeanne d'Arc & Scathach & Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) & Katsushika Hokusai (CHALDEA Lingerie Collection) / Nekono Oyashiro
1) Fast Delivery - Received within 5 days after shipment.
2) Quick response - Staff replied within a few hours.
3) Lovely bonus - Alluring small gift for first time buyer.
4) Thorough protection - Careful privacy protection (content).

1) Clear Damage - Both the cardboards cannot withstand the
external forces, resulting in evident bent
and crease marks on the book (top and
bottom edges).