Customers' Review

(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Anime - Gyakuten Majo Saiban -Chijo na Majo ni Sabakarechau- (逆転魔女裁判 ~痴女な魔女に裁かれちゃう~ THE ANIMATION (初回限定版) [DVD]) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Packaging was great
Took awhile to get here but everything is great
(USED) Doujinshi - Leaf (【コピー誌】麻理さんとラブコメする本) / Ichigo no Katamari
Amazing in all ways possible
First off, the website is SO easy to use to purchase a doujin. Customer service was fast (I forgot to put my door number so I had to contact support to update my address)
I will always get an update on the order, so without me having to track myself, I pretty much know what the status of the parcel is in. Amazing packaging for the book as well. Wrapped well, was protected by board layers, as well as giving me a free gift. (I love the book covers)

I just love the entire process of this. From ordering all the way to unpacking it. Amazing! All companies should learn a thing or two from how Doujin Republic pack their stuff. Impeccable, seriously.
(USED) Doujinshi - Kemono (Furry) (iittala) / そぬ
I don't know much Japanese, so I don't know what's going on - but it's cute, anyway, haha!
(USED) [Hentai] Tapestry - Kyonyuu Princess Saimin (ファラーシャ 描き下ろしB2 「DVD OVA 巨乳プリンセス催眠 1~2巻」 げっちゅ屋連動購入特典) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Safe arrival
Another great purchase
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Azur Lane (めくーるレーン4 4) / うなハウス (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Azur Lane artbook doujinshi
A nice little doujinshi of Azur Lane, It's got nice pages of variants of the girls in their outfits. The only gripe I have with it was that it was a little short.
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - Anthology - Fate/Grand Order / Mash & Tamamo no Mae & Artoria Pendragon (Saber) (Girls Order) / AliceFlag
Great buy for any FGO fan!
Contains beautiful artworks from various artist!
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - TENMA COMICS (Comic LO) (10から始める英才教育) / Be Nantoka (Adult, Hentai, R18)
great work guys
Doujin Republic curates niche doujins in incredible condition with discrete and sturdy packaging. It also came with book/manga plastic protection sleeves as a little extra gift! Will definitely keep using this site to continue my collection!
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Durarara!! (処女膜じゃないよ!再生膜だよ!!) / Shuudan Bouryoku (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Shuudan Bouryoku
I enjoyed this doujin alot. Shipping was quick, and staff are willing to help.
(USED) Illustration book - Durarara!! (ヤスダスズヒト画集 シューティングスター・ビバップ side:デュラララ!!)
Durarara Illustration Book Review
As I'm a big fan of this series, I enjoyed all the various art and sketchs of Durarara.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Durarara!! / Anri Sonohara (杏里総受 ~デュラララ!!~ 【デュラララ!!】[舞六まいむ][猫入り箱代理]) / 猫入り箱代理 (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Anri Sonohara Doujin Review
As I'm a big Anri fan, I enjoyed this doujin. A solid release.
(USED) Doujinshi - Rahxephon (ラゼポンGAG本) / RAYTREC
Razepon GAG book - Doujin Review
As comedy is subjective, I found this doujin to be funny. A solid doujin.
[Hentai] Hentai Anime (とろかせおるがずむ THE ANIMATION) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Great OVA!
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - WANI MAGAZINE (COMIC 華漫 2019年8月号) / Aiue Oka (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Great to read!
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Compilation - NARUTO / Sakura & Sarada (木ノ葉丼特盛) / Karakishi Youhei-dan Shinka (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Sakura and Sarada - Naruto Doujin Review
This doujin focuses on Sakura and Sarada having sex with various characters, though it's mainly naruto. I wished this doujin gave more spotlight to sarada, though one can't have everything. Despite this doujin not entirely focusing on sarada, it's still solid stuff.
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Manga&Novel - Anthology - Evangelion / Shinji x Rei (ふたり つむぐ いとなみ) / 31LOVE (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Futari Tsumugu Itonami - Evangelion Novel Review
As I don't mind Shinji being paired with Rei, I thought that this manga/novel was excellent. This manga/novel is very addicting, as I finished this novel is one sitting. Excellent stuff.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - DARKER THAN BLACK (THE 三号様) / goo-paaa (Adult, Hentai, R18)
The No.3 - Darker Then Black Doujin Review
I thought that this doujin is excellent, as it features most of the circle's work in one collection. This is a must for fans of darker then black.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Macross Series (大尉!おめでとうございます!!) / Fusuma go Ten (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Captain! Congratulations - Macross Doujin Review
As I'm a big macross fan, I thought it was great to see a doujin centered around misa and hikaru. I couldn't fault this doujin, as I enjoyed every page.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Persona5 / Niijima Makoto (MISTAKE) / DARABUCHIDOU (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Persona 5 Mistake - Doujin Review
I thought that the doujin did well, to give characterization to Nijima Makoto. I couldn't find anything wrong with this doujin. Solid stuff.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Macross Frontier (Surprise Culture 【超時空要塞マクロス シリーズ】[針玉ヒロキ][スタジオN.BALL]) / Studio N.Ball (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Surprise Culture - Doujin Review
I thought that this doujin did give characterization to the character Klein Klan. The art is good, and the content solid.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Macross Frontier (DELICIOUS KLEIN+BERRY 【超時空要塞マクロス シリーズ】[さそりがため][Dragon Kitchen]) / Dragon Kitchen (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Delicious Klein + Berry - Doujin Review
I thought that this doujin did well to in terms of character to Klein. The art is solid, and the sex is solid. I have nothing to complain about, in-regards to this doujin.
Darker Then Black Discotheque Chu - Doujin Review
I thought that this doujin was solid, as the best element about this doujin was the comedy. The comedy is solid, and characters solid. An easy purchase.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Compilation - Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Marida Cruz 1‐5) / DEX+ (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Marida Cruz 1-5 Doujin review
This doujin focuses on Marida Cruz, and focuses on her having sex with other characters. The art is good, and the length of this doujin is good.
(USED) [Hentai] Illustration book (MELON REVIVAL COLLECTION REBORN 3H’) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
A surprise to say the least for a price that low you get allmoust all pages with nude characters from difirent artist everyone will find something interesting here.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Illustration book - MELON REVIVAL COLLECTION ACE / メロンブックス (Adult, Hentai, R18)
A surprise to say the least for a price that low you get allmoust all pages with nude characters from difirent artist everyone will find something interesting here.
Doujinshi - Illustration book - ELF PARADISE Vol.2 / MACADAMIA
Art Book really good. A lot of cute sexy elfies.

... but not for that high price for 30+ pages.

Overall is good.
[Hentai] Tapestry - Original (【受注生産版】ふたけっと まるみや先生 B2ふたなりタペストリー①) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Was surprised to see this was censored on the actual tapestry
Normally these things are censored on the website for any seller so I'm fairly used to not seeing the full picture before receiving the product, but I have never actually seen the real thing arrive censored before so I was a bit surprised and very disappointed.

Everything else is fine - good quality, great image, all that stuff - but I'm hesitant to even hang this up if I know that I could get something else which wasn't censored to be in that spot.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - むっちりショート / ぷっちゅ (Pucchu) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Mostly something fun to take a look at. It's pretty short though should expect that since fitting 3 girls in 1. Still pretty good.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - ONE PIECE / Monkey D Luffy x Nami (船長のいうとおり) / Pucchu (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Worth it
It's rare to find ones with Luffy and Nami together. Definitely worth it.
(USED) [Hentai] Tapestry (サキュメアラピス オリジナルB2 「DVD 愛聖天使ラブメアリー ~悪性受胎~ THE ANIMATION 第2巻」 げっちゅ屋購入特典) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Looks good
Another nice tapestry delivered in perfect condition
(USED) [Hentai] Tapestry (サキュメアラピス オリジナルB2 「DVD 愛聖天使ラブメアリー ~悪性受胎~ THE ANIMATION 第2巻」 げっちゅ屋購入特典) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Looks good
Another nice tapestry delivered in perfect condition
Doujinshi - Illustration book - Fate/Grand Order / Mordred (Fate Series) (だいすきFGO2) / 佐々木少年団
High quality and exactly what I expected. Fans of Mordred should get this if you want to see her in different outfits. Artist did a great job
[Hentai] Doujinshi - GRANBLUE FANTASY (仲間と一線超えちゃう本 ~グラブル編6~) / Mimonerando (Adult, Hentai, R18)
No damage, arrive early, got some nice protection has a bonus and package perfectly protected. What could i ask for more?
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Anthology - Pokémon ([アンソロジー]快楽堕ち♀3(9月25日発送)) / kick-tyan (Adult, Hentai, R18)
First purchase absolutely flawless
Comes lovingly wrapped all safe and discreet. Will be using this site a lot more from now on.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - ふたなりひろいん / いなりずし (Inarizushi) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Decently priced.
The art is good. A lot shorter than expected. (6 pages of illustrations, 2 front and back then the back of the cover and front of the end cover.)
(USED) [Hentai] Tapestry - Venus Blood Series (ヨルム 描き下ろしB2 「PCソフト VenusBlood -FRONTIER- International 特装版」 ソフマップ購入特典) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Lovely tapestry
Another good transaction
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Sword Art Online / Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto) x Asuna (Yuuki Asuna) (アスナが介抱ッ!) / S-FLAKE (Adult, Hentai, R18)
A Favorite
I love the art style and there is some story [after UnderWorld] and I appreciate it. Definitely one of my favorites from S-FLAKE.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Illustration book - Melonbooks Sexy Girls Collection 2020 Spring(C98限定販売) / メロンブックス (Adult, Hentai, R18)
First of all the packing was perfect as always. Now to the book actually was quite interesting it's the same B5 size as Toranoana but the pictures where full paged so that was a + and the selection of pictures where interesting to so every person that buys this book will not be disapointed and for the price hu will argue. I migh buy more Illustration book by Melonbooks some day.
(USED) [Hentai] Booklet - Illustration book (肉壁しぼり -悶々むちおばボディ- メロンブックス購入特典 4Pリーフレット) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
I wrongly tought it was the full comic
Beware if you are not native English speaker, a booklet is not the full book.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Evangelion / Makinami Mari Illustrious (C84 おまけ本) / Pannacotta (Adult, Hentai, R18)
C84 Bunus Book - Evangelion doujin review.
I thought that this doujin was okay, and not great. The art is solid, but I wish that this doujin had a little bit more characterization. Otherwise I thought that this doujin was simple okay.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Evangelion / Makinami Mari Illustrious (真希波、来日) / RAJeve (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Makinami comes to Japan - Evangelion doujin review
If your a Shinji x Mari fan, then you will enjoy this doujin. If you like Mari, or the last evangelion movie, then you will enjoy this doujin.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Novel - Evangelion / Makinami Mari Illustrious (Rumvling BEAST / 楓のはらわた) / 楓のはらわた/おおた堂 (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Rumvling Beast - Evangelion Doujin review
I thought that this doujin novel mainly featuring Asuka and Mari, was solid. I liked the content of the doujin, and wish there was more.
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Novel - Evangelion / Asuka x Kaworu (素顔) / Eau Rouge (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Real Face - Evangelion doujin review.
Despite being unsure if a doujin novel featuring the couple of Asuka x Kaworu could work, the doujin novel found a way to make this unlikely pairing work.
(USED) Doujinshi - Manga&Novel - Anthology - Evangelion (シン・同人補完計画) / Go-Go-Merry-Go-Round
Shin Doujin Complementary Plan - Evangelion Doujin Review
I thought that this novel doujin is solid, as it used all the children well. I was left wanting more, by the time the end of the doujin novel came around.
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Novel - Evangelion / Shinji x Rei (新世界の第3村で 愛を育む二人) / 31LOVE (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Two people who nurture love in the third village of the New World - Evangelion doujin review
If your a Rei x Shinji fan, then you will enjoy this doujin novel. As I'm not a big Rei fan, I still enjoyed this doujin novel. The story is solid, and the characterization is solid also. A good non-canon doujin novel that I have read.
(USED) Doujinshi - Novel - Evangelion (小説)はだかの気持) / Eau Rouge
Felling of being Eva doujin review.
As I'm a fan of Asuka from Evaneglion fame, I thought that this doujin novel was excellent. The writing is solid, a I thought that the doujin novel overall, was excellent.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Novel - Evangelion (小説)I'M FREE) / Eau Rouge (Adult, Hentai, R18)
I'm free evanagelion novel review
If you like the character Asuka from Evangelion, then you will this doujin novel. I will admit though this doujin novel takes some time to hit its straps, but it's a good read.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Illustration book - D.Gray-man / Lenalee Lee (聖女肛虐 禁断の腸詰め陵理) / Mint Chocolate (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Saint woman anal cruelty forbidden intestinal stuffing Lenalee Lee doujin review
If your a D.Grayman review fan, and like Lenalee in particular, then you will enjoy the artwork of Lenalee in differeent poses.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED / Cagalli Yula Athha (甘露 15) / Nansyu-Koubow (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Honeydew 15 doujin review
If your a fan of Athran and Cagalli pairing, then simply you will enjoy this doujin.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED / Meer Campbell (甘露 2006 Winter) / Nansyu-Koubow (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Honeydew 2006 Winter Gundam Seed doujin review
If your a fan of Heine Westenfluss, then you will enjoy this doujin about the pairing of Heine and Meer Campbell. As I liked the side characters from Gundam Seed destiney, I enjoyed this doujin alot.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (甘露19) / Nansyu-Koubow (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Honeydew doujin review
If your a Patrick x Kati fan, then you will enjoy this doujin. I liked Nansyu-Koubow's art, and this pairing is a welcome addition to the Gundam 00 universe.