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(USED) [Hentai] Tapestry - Taimanin Series / Akiyama Rinko (秋山凜子 描き下ろしA3サイズWスエード 「PCソフト 対魔忍ユキカゼ2」 とらのあな予約特典) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Happy shopper
Good communication expect a slow delivery it will arrive well packed worth the wait.
(USED) Hentai Figure - Mizugi Kanojo (Girlfriend in Swimsuit) (水着彼女・みずほ 白水着ver.「水着彼女」1/6ポリストーン塗装済み完成品)
Lovely figure with great details. It was smaller than I expected.
Packaging was fantastic though shipping could have been quicker. Nonetheless a great shopping experience.
[Hentai] Hentai Figure - Original (クォーターエルフ 1/7 PMMA製塗装済み完成品) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Very happy with my purchase! Shipping was fast and the figure is beautiful.
(USED) [Hentai] Life Size Tapestry - GRANBLUE FANTASY / Aliza & Alicia (【グランブルーファンタジー】ドラフ等身大タペストリー アリシア&アリーザ(朝凪) C90/Fatalpulse) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Asanagi at his finest
This was a bit of a chore to find but it was well worth it. Asanagi's Doraphs are some of his best design in my opinion. Glad to add another of his tapestries to my collection.
(USED) Doujinshi - 【C96】5年目の放課後 3点セット / 5年目の放課後 (5-nenme no Houkago)
So adorable I love it
Exactly as pictured, I love this set so so much !!
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi (HAMECOMI ハメコミ) / EROQUIS! (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Everyting i get from DR is always in superb condition!! Ive ordered about 20 (used) doujinshi in 2 orders but it all looks BRAND NEW!! From the packaging to the "Thank You" letters that come with your orders, They really take care of you. They are sure to have what you want across their 4 sites. 10/10, my go-to guys for all my japanese needs from now on!! <(^.^)>
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Makai Senki Disgaea (すきすき☆ ディスガイアEX) / Etoile Zamurai (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Everything went super smooth!
While I had to a wait a day or two longer before it was shipped, I'm still wholly satisfied with what I got. Despite being listed as "used", I legitimately couldn't tell that it was, so that was a nice surprise on my end, as was the little extra gift that came with it. I'll certainly look forward to my next purchase here!
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Touhou Project / Aya & Hatate (我が家のお天狗さまS-熱海・後篇-) / WindArTeam (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Fantastic quality, beautiful contrasts and art style
I ordered this doujinshi and received it within two weeks. The printing and quality are fantastic, the doujinshi was wrapped inside bubble wrap and secured between hard cardboards pieces to keep it's shape intact. The colors on the cover and pages are beautiful, just what you'd expect from a Windart Doujinshi.

A huge bonus point for a Shameimaru Aya keychain and Yukari bookmark included with the doujinshi. I'm satisfied with my order and I plan to order again in the future.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - 【コピー誌】チンチラ / 平和茶々丸堂 (Adult, Hentai, R18)
卖家是个好人,Yusuke Nozaki is a good person
[Hentai] Oppai Mouse Pad - Lilith / Mizuki Shiranui (【追加受付分】水城不知火 特大おっぱいマウスパッド~娘の友達を誘惑、溢れ出る母性で大量射精ドラマCD付き~) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Oppai mouse pad Mizuki Shiranui
It's really big ! Good quality product, my only little disappointement comes from the colors, i would have liked them to be more vivid.

Il est vraiment grand ! Le produit est de bonne qualité, ma seule petite déception concerne les couleurs, j'aurais aimé qu'elles soient plus vives.
[Hentai] Doujinshi - One-Punch Man / Fubuki x Saitama (ONE-HURRICANE6) / Kiyosumi Hurricane (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Great cute art
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Boku no Hero Academia / Asui Tsuyu & Uraraka Ochako & Jirou Kyouka (僕と乗っ取りヴィラン膣内射精ミア Vol.2) / スライムイール (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Best my hero doujin
I will order the next book
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Chiru Exposure (ちる露出17) / Chimee House (Adult, Hentai, R18)
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Prisma Illya / Illyasviel von Einzbern (774ハウス C91 会場限定本) / 774 House (Adult, Hentai, R18)
great availability
my first purchase on DR and i am really happy with it.
the item in question is already pretty rare and thanks to the great price i had to get it.
The packaging was really great so everything was really carefully packed.
i also received a lil goodie with my first order which was really nice and even matched the order.
so thanks to this i am sure to order again from DR.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Illustration book - HAPY×NOS / きなこの山 (Kinako no Yama) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Satisfied Experience
I am really happy with the product. It was in good quality and had no damage. The protection that was around the book is the most impressive protection I have seen for something I have bought.
Overall I am really satisfied with the product. I would easily think about buying from here again and recommend my friends to the site.
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Illustration book - Chrono Clock (クロノクロック公式ビジュアルファンブック) / Purple software (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Satisfied Experience
I am really happy with the product. It was in good quality and had no damage. The protection that was around the book is the most impressive protection I have seen for something I have bought.
Overall I am really satisfied with the product. I would easily think about buying from here again and recommend my friends to the site.
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Spice and Wolf / Holo & Kraft Lawrence (わっちとしっぽり毛づくろい本) / Ajisai Denden (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Thanks you
My first purchase was a totally success. Thank you for the kind word and the gift you send with the book ( *¯ ³¯*)♡
The packing is so clean it's very impressive and we can see how seriously all the team works.
Thank you!!
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - MUJIN COMICS (犬の生活 (MUJIN COMICS)) / Zukiki (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Item came in good condition.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Lucky Star (クリームコロネ症候群) / Uropyon (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Item came in good condition.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - その理屈はおかしい / ピシュ☆ラバ (Pish Lover) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Probably one of the best Traps out there
Beautifully drawn otokonoko, if you like big dongs inside feminine (feminized) bois I can recommend this one to you (・ω<)

I'm still waiting waiting for a sequel, that cliffhanger is cruel :<
Doujinshi Case for 10 Doujinshi (B5) Clear x Pink
Good Case, saves space
Good Case if you want to store multiple Doujin and don't care about having them in a certain order, the Plastic is very clear too so you can see the cover of the Doujin on top. Very space efficient storing!
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Galko-chan / Galko (ギャル子あ!!) / UU-ZONE (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Favorite Dōjinshi Artist
First purchase I made here, nuezou is my favorite artist and his works are usually pretty expensive or not available at all, I'm so happy I got it here for a fair price and in excellent condition!
(USED) Doujinshi - Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight / Tendou Maya & Saijou Claudine (台本のない感情およびそれにともなういくつかの事柄) / Waterfall
As expected from Waterfall
Great stuff.
Doujinshi - Touhou Project / Marisa & Yuyuko & Youmu (【メロン限定特典付き】冷やし妖夢始めました。) / Neko no Sakegoto
A masterpiece by Sazanami Mio-sama
Best artist's story about best ghost with best witch. What else is there to say? Worth all the penny and even more!
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - 先生!校内で女児装してみて! / まないた (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Great Doujinshi, perfect condition, great packaging, quick S&H. Very satisfied, will shop again ;)
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - 先生!通学路で女児装してみて! / まないた (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Great Doujinshi, perfect condition, great packaging, quick S&H. Very satisfied, will shop again ;)
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - Comic LO (エルオー 2002年10月号 創刊号) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Good Condition
The product came in good condition despite it being a used product and was perfectly protected by the packing method used. 5 stars.
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Kuroinu Series / Olga Discordia (黒の女王の異世界性活2.5) / GACHINKO SHOBOU (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Good work as always.
Fast shipping, reasonable price, and overall good service. Will recommend shopping here.
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - Pisu Hame! (Peace Hame!) (限定版)ピスはめ! 全2巻セット) / Shiwasu No Okina (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Just perfect.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - HeartCatch PreCure! / Cure Moonlight (月光散る) / Kotori Jimusho (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Excellent condition
The packing is very good but what I am surprised by the most is how great the quality of the doujin is. Eventhough it was released over 10 years ago and USED but it look brand new.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Fate/Grand Order / Shuten Douji & Minamoto no Raikou & Gudao (Zenmon no Oni Koumon no Haha / 前門之鬼後門之母) / Mesuman Toruko Teikoku (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Great art
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Yu-Gi-Oh! (おませな女の子と闇のゲーム) / んつぁてぃむん (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Sex for rare cards
The front cover looks beautiful. The art inside the book is nice and clean and easy to read. The sex is good too. There may be a continuation due to the ending. I hope they make part 2
Dakimakura Cover - IM@S: Cinderella Girls / Koume Shirasaka (しらさか抱き枕カバー)
So so cute!
Thank you for being fantastic as always! I am in love with this item, she was hard to find and I was so happy to see it pop up here. The original seller took a while to ship, but Doujin Republic was very kind in replying to my emails promptly and telling me the status of my order. Fast and great quality shipping and service as usual. Love you guys!
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - METROID / Samus Aran (SPACE REVENGE) / Dangan Honey (Adult, Hentai, R18)
high quality
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Dragon Ball / Android 21 (21号改造計画(仮)) / Choujikuu Yousai Kachuusha (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Android 21 Doujinshi
This book is fantastic for fans of Android 21 and tentacles. It also features some extra artwork on the back and in the book of the Majin version of Android 21.

Also, Doujin Republic shipped the item out very fast and it was in perfect condition. I still think that this is by far the best site to buy these kinds of books. I have only ever been satisfied with their service every time I have ordered from them! UwU
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Manga&Novel - Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny / Kira Yamato x Cagalli Yula Athha (Dive into Your Body!! 【オマケ無】) / ひなっち蔵直売所 (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Item received and in good condition.
Item received and in good condition. Thanks!
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - The Legend of Zelda / Link & Princess Zelda (ハイラル繁栄のためのかつどう!) / Morittokoke (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Excellent service!
Bought the item "used" but arrived looking brand new! Shipping was fast and it was awesomely packaged!

This is my third time buying and definitely would recommend!
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Fate/Grand Order / Shuten Douji & Sakata Kintoki & Minamoto no Raikou (カルデアマニア・源頼光) / Bear Hand (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Me encantó este estilo, es asombroso 😤✨
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Evangelion / Ayanami Rei (【単品】綾波第2回) / Nakayohi Mogudan (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Me encanta
Me gusta el estilo de Mogudan, es genial 👍✨
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Omnibus - Compilation - Kantai Collection / Admiral x Shirayuki (白雪と恋する日々再録集) / AIHARA-OTOME (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Great as always
Once again, my order arrived fast and well protected! Perfect condition.

Thank you for alwa the being do careful with your packaging!
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Fate/Grand Order / Lancer (お疲れなマスターを私が癒やしてあげたい。) / KEMOKOMOYA (Adult, Hentai, R18)
On time
No damages and is exactly as I ordered as
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Code Geass / C.C. (C.C.Lemonade R2 ポストカード付) / Mahirutei (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Review/ feedback
I got and received my items a lot faster / sooner than what I was expecting in the mail and they had arrived in perfect & great condition !!! and I was more than happy / satisfied with my purchases I’ve already ordered from doujin republic before & I definitely will again & again 😀 I would definitely recommend doujin republic because they do a very good job with how they prepare your items for shipping how they handle your items with care they have free shipping and if the order is at or over $50 they give you free priority shipping and if there’s an item you want or can’t find they will help you find it just by sending a request and they get new items every day they have good customer service !! they care about there customers satisfaction and if there’s something wrong just contact them via email and they will do or try to do something or anything to resolve the problem or conflict
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Fate/Grand Order / Jack the Ripper (Fate/Apocrypha) (バックアップのない弱小マスターの魔力支援) / Usagi BOSS (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Fantastic Fate Go parady!
The doujin arrived earlier than expected and the art is really well done and HOT! Highly recommend.
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Persona5 / Takamaki Ann & Kawakami Sadayo & Sakura Futaba & Protagonist (八等分のペルソナ) / おっぱいばいばい (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Great Service
I usually do a lot of online shopping, and while I have never used this service before, my first order was delivered and I am truly happy with how it came! It was protected, came within the shipping time, and was in excellent condition. I will definitely be purchasing more things in the future!
(USED) Doujinshi - Touhou Project / Yakumo Ran (狐色 藍色め。) / Kitsuneiro
Hello, I am Korean, but I wrote the wrong address.
경기도 용인시 기흥구 상하동 갈천마을 656 신일유토빌 101동 1802호
(USED) Doujinshi - Illustration book - Fate/Grand Order / Mash & Tamamo Cat & Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) & Ereshkigal (Memory of F) / MelThoth*
Bright & sexy
The art work seems rich in toning that somehow makes the characters more lively and sexy!
Doujinshi - Illustration book - GRANBLUE FANTASY / Ferry & Djeeta & Charlotta & Lyria (手袋の魔力) / SUNNY PLACES
Received quickly, the illustrations are really nice! Even got a cute little pin with it as a gift!
[Hentai] Hentai Comics - GOT COMICS (じょしラク! 新装版) / DISTANCE (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Perfect order
Order cake very fast and condition is very good for new. Will be ordering here soon. Best sight to find your favorite
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Persona5 / Sakura Futaba (FUTABA RIVIVE) / D・N・A Lab (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Best Doujinshi of all time
This is, in my opinion, the best Doujinshi of all time. Not only is it well-drawn, it also tells an excellent story. The best part is that the author knows Futaba well, and was able to keep her character in-line with her real personality very very well. I wouldn't be surprised if this was an official piece by Atlus themselves due to how realistically the characters talk and behave. Not to mention, it's a very uplifting story that showcases good character development that wouldn't be out of place in the actual Persona games (ya know, besides the sex part lol). It's wholesome, vanilla, well-drawn content that stays in character, and the best part is that the sex actually plays a part in the story, it's not just there to be there like in many doujinshi today. For these reasons, it's my absolute favorite book, and a must-buy for those who enjoy Persona. I love you Futaba <3
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - MAGICAL NIPPLE KISS Brilliant 2 / ほむら屋★プレアデス (Homuraya*Pleiades) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
A gift from the gods
The latest entry from the queen of Yuri, Homura Subaru. I'm a long-time fan of her work due to her characteristically cute art-style, clean drawings, and her ability to create a good story between good characters. This is the sequel to a spinoff of the main series "Magical Nipple Kiss", but it is just as high-quality as her main work; potentially even better. This is one of her best books ever made.