Customers' Review

(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Namaiki Chuuniism (なまいきチュウニイズム) / Mousou Deguchi (Adult, Hentai, R18)
One of my favorites, amazing art and story
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - Puchi Love Kingdom (プチらぶ★きんぐだむ) / Ponpon Itai (ぽんぽんイタイ) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Ponpon Itai
This is cherry on a cake, créme de la créme, They even packed a small gift. Perfection.
(USED) Hentai Magazine - Towako (永遠娘 vol.10) / Kink (きんく)
A must have, if you enjoy this genre
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Illustration book - Otokonoko Buffet (ネムネム作品集 オトコのコビュッフェ) / candy paddle (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Beautiful art, enough pages to enjoy, delicately packed.10/10
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Futanari Shufu no Onaho (ふたなり主婦のオナホ 5) / Alice no Takarabako (Adult, Hentai, R18)
¡Muy buen servicio!
En excelente estado
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Futanari Shufu no Onaho (ふたなり主婦のオナホ 5) / Alice no Takarabako (Adult, Hentai, R18)
¡Muy buen servicio!
En excelente estado
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Vandread (秘 -HIMEGOTO-) / IRODORI (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Quality Curve
Three parts for the three girls.  They are not created equal, but none is without merit.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Vandread (宇宙人さんといっしょ 2) / Red Rum (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Meia Focus
Best girl Meia in glorious color.  This comes at the cost of length, but what's there is fun.
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Anime - Aku no Onna Kanbu Full Moon Night (OVA 悪の女幹部フルムーンナイトR #2 蚤知之士) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Great packing and delivery would purchase once again
(USED) Hentai Anime - Aku no Onna Kanbu Full Moon Night (OVA悪の女幹部フルムーンナイトR#1 喋喋喃喃 [DVD])
Great status of packing and shipment would buy again
(USED) Doujinshi - Shoujo Kakumei Utena (少女ハマフロダイト象限) /
Utena - Girl Hamaphrodite Quadrant
As I'm a big fan of the Utena anime, and as I'm a Jury fan, I simply enjoyed this doujin. As Jury's and Shiroi's relationship is complex I simply enjoyed my second doujin by
(USED) Doujinshi - Shoujo Kakumei Utena (二十五時、白を切り抜け。) /
Utena - At twenty-five o'clock, I cut through the white.
As I'm a fan of the character Jury, I thought that her relationship with Shiori by in this doujin is simply fantastic. AS I'm as a big fan of the anime, I'm a bit biased. This doujin is worth owning IMO.
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Compilation - Alola no Yoru no Sugata (アローラの夜のすがた総集編) / DOLL PLAY (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Gotta Make’em mine
This complete collection is a fitting and fine work as it gave my eyes a new expansion to poke doujins.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Compilation - Saimin Seishidou (催眠性指導総集編 1) / 50on! (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Saimin Seishidou
First purchase and I receive today safe and in perfect condition! 
It’s Made my day better! 
Fantastic packaging, fantastic team and fantastic communication! 
I’ll sure come back and I’ll recommend you! 
Keep it up!!!!
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Anime - Saimin Class ~Joshi Zen'in, Shiranai Uchi ni Ninshin Shitemashita~ (催眠クラス -女子全員、知らないうちに妊娠してました- 単巻前後編セット) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Just what was described! Thanks!
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Sousou no Frieren / Fern & Frieren (ち〇ち〇が大きくなる魔法) / COMEX (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Sousou no Frieren - Doujinshi
The package is absolutly great, I love it<333 :D
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Compilation - Maria-sama ga Miteru (マリア様がみてる売春 総集編II) / Alice no Takarabako (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Doujinshi arrived with exellent package 10/10
[Hentai] Doujinshi - WORLD FLIPPER (ミアちゃんのトラップダンジョン) / Kimuchi-tei (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Excellent Doujinshi
The packaging and delivery were excellent and the product came in mint condition. The delivery and service is excellent.
(USED) Doujinshi - Kemono (Furry) (arborist) / 咬傷堂
Excellent doujinshi
Book came in perfect condition. Service is wonderful and prompt. Much appreciated for product and delivery.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Fate/Grand Order / Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) & Astolfo (A.Toxicosis) / Uguisuya (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Short, sweet package~!
Excellent artwork accompanied by spicy positioning!
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - Henshin (変身 (WANIMAGAZINE COMICS SPECIAL)) / Shindo L (新堂エル) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
In Europe, all of the author's manga in English translation have been removed from sale. I'm glad that I was able to find it here, even in the original language. Arrived quickly and in excellent packaging.
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - Futabu (ふた部!MIX (Futabu! MIX) (TENMA COMICS) (TENMAコミックス)) / Bosshi (ぼっしぃ) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Very pleased, I couldn’t find the manga anywhere. Arrived quickly, professional service.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - KonoSuba / Aqua & Satou Kazuma (この駄メイドと密談を!) / High Tech Pen Case (Adult, Hentai, R18)
It arrived quickly, the packaging was high quality, the product was not damaged and looks like new.
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - Sei Penalty Gakuen Goku (聖ペナルティ学園 獄) / Koyanagi Royal (小柳ロイヤル) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
2nd time buying from Doujin Republic!
This is my 2nd time buying Doujin from their online store. The package arrived in perfect condition. The wrapping is also carefully thoughtout and always discreet. They send you emails with all of the tracking links promptly and are always available to answer any questions. The manga themselves are in perfect condition as well. I definitely recommend them! 😀
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Ane to Kanojo to Hamedori 3P Shitemita (姉と彼女とハメ撮り3Pしてみた) / satsukiimonet (Adult, Hentai, R18)
I like it
I really liked it and the quality is very good
[Hentai] Hentai Comics - COMIC ExE (COMIC E×E (コミックエグゼ) 48) / Komori Kei & IAPOC & Kurihara Kenshirou & 熊足S & Karl (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Arrived in a good condition
Came in without much of a problem, arrived around a week after officially released.
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Doraemon / Nobita Nobi x Shizuka Minamoto (F40) / Izumiya (Adult, Hentai, R18)
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Tokyo Afterschool Summoners (大好き!リョウタと秘密のホワイトクリスマス!) / Campari Orange (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Time to read
Thank you for the book looking forward for the next time I shop
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Kemono (Furry) (子分達と親分の日常) / 角煮 (Adult, Hentai, R18)
More volumes
This is great I’m looking forward for other volumes of Kakuni
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Kemono (Furry) (親分と危ない仕事) / 角煮 (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Iwano books
Thank you so much this the best series book
(USED) Doujinshi - Kemono (Furry) (ドデカイドラゴンのドデカイはらがドカーン) / KAKUNI
Fat dragon
I seen a sample pages of this book I got the full story
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Kemono (Furry) (スライムクエスト) / WONST (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Reading time
Thank you for the I really appreciate it
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Kemono (Furry) (親分と秘密の依頼) / KAKUNI (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Papa wolf
I’ve been looking for other volumes of this book glad I found some
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Magazine - Megastore Comics (コミックメガストアH 2003年(平成15年)11月号) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Very good communication with the seller. Packaging was very very good too. Item is in perfect condition. 100% satisfied
(USED) Doujinshi - Bakemono no Ko (おいでよバケモノの街) / Toratora-ya
Getting ready to read
Thank you for the book I can’t believe there’s other volumes of this again thank you so much
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Bakemono no Ko / Meteion (ぶたてつ!!) / Kotobukiya (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Time to read
I love this cover because Kumatetsu is fat in this story thank you so much
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Bakemono no Ko (熊徹らくがき本) / amdnet (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Thank you so much I really appreciate it
(USED) Doujinshi - Bakemono no Ko (バケ子を勝手に脳内補完する本) / Damin Tou
Grab your sword that’s in your soul
I seen this cover somewhere before so glad I got it
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Bakemono no Ko (青春の瞬き) / amdnet (Adult, Hentai, R18)
I never thought there was more the boy and the beast books I’m so glad I found more of them
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Bakemono no Ko (今日からバのつくケモノ道) / Kyou no keiro (Adult, Hentai, R18)
I’m looking forward to reading it so glad it came safely in good condition
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Bakemono no Ko (股座の剣) / Deresuke Syuppan (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Thank you for the book I’m glad it came in good condition
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Spy x Family / Yor Forger (ヨルのお勤め) / Raijinkai (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Thank you
Item came in great condition. Thank you!
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Anime - Boku ni SeFri ga Dekita Riyuu (OVA 僕にセフレが出来た理由 #2) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Boku ni Sefi ga Dekita Riyuu DVD
I purchased a dvd that was used and checked to see if it’s been scratched. My guess was right it’s been scratched a little on the back of the disc.
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - Hinata Hinata Plus (ひなた・ひなたplus) / DISTANCE (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Nice book
Doujin in Very good condition, also the artist is my favorite
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - Mom Hunter ~Toshishita Ni Karareru Onna-Tachi~ (ママハン~年下に狩られる女たち~) / Nanao Yukiji (七尾ゆきじ) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Excelent book
Perfect packaging and the books in very good condition. Also fast delivery. highly recommended
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Blue Archive (ブルー赤ちゃんIN部) / CrowView (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Fantastic Condition
The package made it perfectly to me on schedule. I definitely plan on shopping here again.
(USED) [Hentai] Doujinshi - Illustration book - Pero×2 Sitaize (pero×2sitaize2) / Kekemotsu (Adult, Hentai, R18)
First time order
First time ordering & got to say I really like the way they packaged everything, book looks brand new too so I got no complaints
(USED) [Hentai] Hentai Comics - Shounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu (少年が大人になった夏) / Jairou (ジャイロウ) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Came in perfect condition. Really happy with my purchase
[Hentai] Doujinshi - Compilation - Alola no Yoru no Sugata (アローラの夜のすがた総集編) / DOLL PLAY (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Came in just as described. Came in perfect condition as well. Would definitely buy it again
[Hentai] Tapestry (B2) - Satou Kuuki (左藤空気) (B2Wスエードタペストリー 涼森瑞希 Love ver.(特別再販)【左藤空気POPUP】) (Adult, Hentai, R18)
Excellent quality
The tapestry looks great. Vibrant colors and quality materials overall. Great packaging and shipping as always.