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“Final Fantasy” series is a body of RPG works by SQUARE ENIX (or SQUARE).
This is one of the longest RPG title as well as “Dragon Quest” series, so many people may know this name. (`・ω・´)=3

“FF” series consists of not only numbering titles but also many kinds of titles are sold too! Besides part of the worldview, there is no consistency among works in the series. Therefore, we cannot talk about the story altogether. (;^_^) However, what I can say is that they are all “incredibly magnificent” in common.

This body of works is generally about main characters leaving with some reasons, and having important positions to decide the future of the world by confronting enemies. They progress in a huge scale with beautiful design and graphic, which made us so excited as if we saw several super big movies. (`・ω・´)=3 Without noticing my hands are often pressuring my controller, and all the stories are breathtaking enough to hold sweat in our hands!!

The characters are also very attractive. There are more than 10 titles only for numbering titles, so too many attractive characters appear there. (;^_^)

Among them, my most favorite character is FF8’s main character Squall Leonhart! He is calm and intelligent enough to get everyone away from him, and going to a soldier training school. However, Squall is actually a lonely human who cannot get close to anyone, from his past trauma…!! I was not able to resist once I know that he is not just cool, but having the past trauma……

Although he is like that, he meets the heroine Rinoa Heartilly and he starts changing gradually. (`・ω・´)=3I was so sad at his loneliness, so I really got happy when I see his change!!

To be honest, “FF” series has many magnificent stories, so I cannot talk about them all. (;^_^) However, it means that “FF” series has a potential with dense contents and huge popularity. If I think like that, this body of works is much recommended to the game players who want to settle down and play deeply. (I personally recommend FF8, but FF10 is also recommended! Any numbering titles don’t have the continuous elements, so you can enjoy anywhere you like!)

Those game lovers, please try once and you will know what I mean!!

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