Sennen Sensou Aigis (千年戦争アイギス)

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Sennen Sensou Aigis is a browser game which was officially open in public since 2013.

A player is becoming a prince, whose country was destroyed by a monster group coming back to life suddenly, and continues the game to get the country back as well as to revenge the monsters, in the fantasy world based on the middle ages motif.

The key to defeating in the severe battles is the credit with friends!

In the game, the skill will get upgraded depending on the closeness with ladies taking care of the player, as well as the credit with the reliable men.

Can you get the country back and attack the monsters with love, credit, and strategy?

This is what we call tower defense game to set some kinds of characters at the appropriate positions, attack the coming enemies, and protect the main property.

Almost every week an event is updated, so you can enjoy it without losing interest, and it is very interesting to think of strategies for many maps and enemy units coming up too.

Also, Sennen Sensou Aigis has 2 versions: Normal version and Aigis R.

The content of the games are almost the same, but the interaction events are totally different.

Actually, in the R version, if girls love the player more, some sexual scenes will be shown!!
Regarding the scenes, they are just no sound photos, but they are very popular because you can enjoy the game as well as the interaction with girls at the same time. So, please try the R version once!!

If I talk about this story, you may think this is just a game with cute characters… but it’s not!!
The most attractiveness of this game is to focus on the firm strategic characteristic and nurturing.

Considering the unit setting, you will use the additional “cost” if time is consumed, so you may need to think of how to use cost by unit, and depending on the enemies’ skill and the number that appear, you also need to think how to attack all the enemies and set the unit, which is very interesting.

You will definitely feel very excited because you can battle by intentionally making it difficult depending on the unit setting!

Also, level-up takes time and nurturing is very tiresome, but you will feel a sense of achievement when your character gets grown up well, which is also one of the attractive points of this game.

Please give it a try on the Sennen Sensou Aigis♪

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