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In 2015, the greatest Holy Grail War which perambulates human history will be revealed.

Fate/Grand Order is a story, along with servants of Fate series which is already published, that saves the world which is “destined to be destroyed” in 2017.

It is published as an application for smart phones, and it has the largest number of personalities, and its scenario is as voluminous as video games. It explains about the world of Fate/Grand Order not only for fans of original version, but to those who don’t know about Fate series!

In brief, it is a story that “make contracts with heroes of the past, and correct the winded history”.

In the game, there are collaboration events with stories of Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night or Fate/EXTRA, and in autumn 2016, there will be collaborations with Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya and Kara no Kyoukai, another Type-Moon masterpiece! (Thanks to this collaboration with Kara no Kyoukai, I wanted to know more about it, and saw all 8 movies! Of course, I got Ryougi Siki which will be companion at the event!)

Above all, the attractive points of this game are scenario and the servants!!!

How naughty! The scenario is wonderful, and each time you finish a chapter, you will be excited and want to get the character! (I wanted Cú Chulainn after tutorial Fuyuki City, Marie Antoinette at the 1st chapter, Nero Claudius at the 2nd chapter, Francis Drake at the 3rd chapter, Jack the Ripper at the 4th chapter, Cú Chulainn Alter and Maeve-chan at the 5th chapter, and Ramesses II at the 6th chapter!!!! In a temporary event I wanted Edmond Dantes and Shuten Douji-chan, but I missed both!!!! I’m waiting for revenge!)

When I’m playing, I realize how interesting it is to be able to talk directly with heroes in the past, and collaborating with them to correct distortion of the history is an exciting story development. I can advise you to play for sure! (Especially 6th chapter!!! 6th chapter is the best everybody!)

The battle is “command order battle”, which means you select commands each turn. It is simple but you have to think how to get to the boss keeping high HP, and command to servants. The attack motions of servants are well made, and they are beautiful when they fight following the command...

As for Fate series, it is often said that “it is such a long story that it’s too hard or it takes too much time to read from the start”. Although, this Fate/Grand Order starts without needs to know other stories, so I recommend you! Of course, there will be some connections with other stories as the story goes on, so you can check then!

Let’s survive the greatest Holy Grail War with the heroes!

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