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“High School DxD” is an animation that all gentlemen should enjoy without thinking of something!!!

I said gentlemen, because this animation is absolutely “for men”! The original version is a light novel written by Ishibumi Ichiei. Miyama Zero, an illustrator popular in games for men, drew the pictures, and sexy factors and fantasy factors are mixed.

The original novel is sold well, and in 2012 the 1st series, in 2013 the 2nd series are animated on TV!!

Hyoudou Issei, a student loves boobs sooo much, and his dream is to create a harem!! Although the girls considered him as one of “the 3 perverts”, and he had no girlfriend. One day, Amano Yūma, a beautiful girl confessed her love to him. As it was his first time, Issei exulted, but Yūma was a fallen angel, Raynare!

As the artifact Issei has is considered to be dangerous, Raynare was sent to Earth, and he was killed…!!

Although, he was saved from a devil, Rias Gremory. Issei had a recalling card, and the card called Rias. Rias revived Issei as a devil, and he should live as Rias’ slave… Other than Rias, there are many attractive beautiful girls, and Issei seem to approach to his harem, his dream!

The TV animation is created with almost the same episodes as the original version. As this is for gentlemen, in DVD or Blu-ray, you can see the parts which were hidden in TV animation version…!! Personally I like the girls dancing pole dance at the ending of 1st series, and I saw that several times. They move sensually, and they are addictive (and you will see it several times)…!

There are various types of heroin, too. Rias is like a queen, Himejima Akeno is like a big sister, Asia Argento will heal you and Toujou Koneko is young and cute. You should find your favorite one among them. I advice you the main heroin, Rias! She is smart and cute like a devil (well, she is a devil!), but also kind and always take care of Issei, her slave.

Her full round breasts sometimes let Issei under control or let his power increase. She is called “Switch Princess” because Rias’ breasts are controlling Issei!!! This name goes well with this animation. It is not only a harem story, but also has occult factors or fantasy factors like devils and artifacts. You may take time to understand the terms, but all you have to do is to see it several times! I recommend this to gentlemen who need pungency!

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