Sentimental Graffiti (センチメンタルグラフティ)

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Sentimental Graffiti is a dating simulation game sold in 1988.

In the spring vacation when the main character (the player) on the 3rd year in high school, the player receives an anonymous mail saying “I want to meet you”.

The player used to move to 12 cities of all around Japan from the 4th grade of elementary school until graduation of junior high school, and guesses that the sender must be someone among 12 girls in the 12 cities.
That is how the main character starts his trip going around Japan to look for the mail sender.

This game’s biggest feature is that the main character needs to go along with all the 12 girls who appear in this game, and need to pick one at the end.

In most normal dating games, we need to pick one character and have a better feeling with the character to clear, so I got surprised when I played this game at first.

This game has a basic flow that the main character studies and work in a part-time job for earning money for the trip of meeting the girls on weekdays, while goes and meets the girls on weekends.

This game’s biggest attractive point is that we can sexually tease girls.

Each appearing girl has a “gauge of loneliness”.
This shows the sense of excitement of girls, and the gauge goes higher if the player doesn’t meet them for longer.
Also, if the gauge of loneliness is higher (meaning that the time of not seeing each other is longer), dating out will be successful and more events which are necessary to clear are easy to occur.

In other words, if the girl is teased, you can raise the level of the closeness!

However, if the gauge is too high, the girl may give you a silent call, or she may get lost, so you will need to proceed the game understanding the conditions. It is very fun as we can feel the excitement as if we seriously dated out with a girl!

Also, the appearing girls are all unique and attractive! Especially, I love Adachi Taeko-chan.
She is good at cooking and such a homey girl!
In the game, she hugs the player saying “Welcome back home”, and she is willing to serve you with a meal.
I was not able to stop smiling when I played the game with this perfect girl who is kind, homey and relaxing.

Of course, the other 11 girls are also cute. Please experience their cuteness by playing this game!

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