Kurosawa Dia

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“As long as I am the school council president, I won’t accept school idols!!”

Kurosawa Dia is a third-year high school student in Uranohoshi Girls High School where Chika-Chan goes, as well as the school council president!

Since her childhood, she has been taking several lessons and is perfect for them all! She appears since the first episode, happens to meet Chika-Chan. To Chika-Chan, who is trying to invite more members to her club, Dia strongly says, “If you want to make a club, I won’t accept it without 5 members at least”! Also, when Chika-Chan replies, “I will let you know once the 5 members are collected”, Dia said that it is still uncertain whether she will accept the club of School Idols. From this unreasonable attitude, her smart-looking face, and black long hair, I got impressed that she seems noble and strict and doesn’t like School Idols much…but what is her reality…?

“What!? Did you miss the name of (μ's)? μ's is the legend, the sanctuary, the bible, and the origin of lives equal to the space for school idols!! Missing the name is...such ridiculous…!!”

Actually, she is the big fan of μ's doing well in Love Live! and she is very familiar with the school idols and μ's than anyone else among all the characters! (For your information, the questions about μ's she asked are too difficult even for us watching the anime to answer. Therefore, she is super maniac…!)

Also, it is found that Dia knew a mysterious beautiful blonde hair girl who appeared in the third episode, Ohara Mari-Chan (and in the same year), which makes us feel like “there must have been something in the first year”…! (Mari-Chan comes to school after 2 years, which means they got something in the first year when they met…?)

I also thought she is a bit cool person from her unreasonable way of saying and a bit strict attitude. However, after watching the third episode (I noticed something at the questions time about μ's in the second episode), I started thinking she might have a lot different characteristic! Now we can only see something like her title of school council president and the third-year girl who has been educated by a strict family, which hide the real Dia-Chan from us!

We will see why she has a complicated feeling to School Idols, as well as what happened to her in the past! By then, I hope we will see her from a different perspective to get her to look cuter! Hey, everyone! Don’t miss the moment! I am already so excited to see it!

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