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As a member of Aqours, which is a school idol group in the Uranohoshi Girls’ High School, Watanabe You is the second-year student.

She is a sporty girl, who is good at swimming and a high diver!

Therefore, she joins both swimming club as well as the school idol club.

Since a long time ago, You, who has been thinking “I want to do something with Chika-chan ”, decides to join the school idol club because her friend Chika keeps so passionate although she was worried without enough members.

You’s dream is to succeed her father’ job as a captain!

In this anime, she often says “Yo-soro”, meaning of letting a ship go straight in a sailing terminology, as well as touches his forehead.

Also, she loves workers’ uniforms (police uniforms, Japanese navy clothing, etc.) as she makes costumes on her own!
That’s how she is in charge of making costumes in the school idol group as known as Aqours. (*´・∀・*)

The active and friends caring You is attractive in looking around surroundings well!!!

In this anime, there are some scenes that You says in a bit authoritative tone, “Why don’t you give up?”, “Why don’t you quit?” to Chika, who is not going well as a school idol and getting down.

However, this is the word with You’s kindness.

I think that You looks at Chika and understands her well, so what words will make Chika move ahead.

In an article in a magazine, I thought You is a kind of a girl who can do anything without thinking of the consequences because she says “I will move depending on my feeling! I will jump into the sea of idols!”. However, I was so surprised at her in anime observing people coldly!!!!
You will definitely feel like supporting You because she is very kind enough to give hands to her friends who are worried or lost!!

Such a kind You is super popular!!!!

In this anime, when flyers were handed over for promoting a live, You finished all so quickly different from Chika and Riko and was requested to take pictures even, as you can tell how much she is popular.

She won the first position in “The 1st Center Position Election”!!!

You has a power attracting people and is the right person to be a school idol I think. (人´ω`*)

You just “embarked” for Love Live!. How will she grow up from now on? What kind of idol will she be like?

I am so excited to see the future story…!!!!

You has different attractiveness as a sporty idol as well as an idol. Let’s “embark” together with You♪


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