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Bleach is the work based on “Dearth, Death god (Sould Reaper),” published serially in Shonen Jump.

It’s a kind of “Unusual power battle” type-work. Its world-view of “the world after death” or “to exercise various powers depending on the swords that Death gods/goddesses have” is marvelous, and it is famous and highly popular among current serial cartoons!
( But, the other day. the final countdown was announced….!!! Is it really going to end soon!?)

As the main character, Ichigo Kurosaki, one day met a Death goddess girl, Kuchiki Rukia, he learned about the existence of the world after death and “Death gods/goddesses” who rein in that world. Then, he himself gains the ability to be-come a Death god owing to some accident.

Ichigo who became a Death god, through his experiences to meet Death gods/goddesses and many people, is before long approaching to his own secret!

After all, the charm of Bleach is battle scenes!
Although Shonen Jump has various cartoons featuring battles, such as NARUTO and ONE PIECE, the characters of this car-toon are very cool because they fight with swords, magical powers, and various arms!

Regardless of gender, Death gods/goddesses have their own “Zanpakutou (a sword to cut souls)” and they fight against enemies with them. The capability of each character is different, so I focus attention on what kind of capability does the Zanpakutou has when the new character appears!

Personally, my favorite Zanpakutou is “Hyourinmaru” owned by the character called Hitsugaya Toushirou!
Powerful! Cool! Can fly in the air! … but he isn’t good at cold weather, a little bit.

My favorite characters are, not only the main character, “Ichigo Kurosaki, but also Hitsugaya Toushirou as I have just introduced and Urukiora!”

Although one of them is Ichigo’s ally and the other is his foe, their remarks and beliefs are “awesome…!”

In particular, Urukiora appears as an enemy, but whenever I see his actions and self-talks, I cannot help feeling how “awesome” he is!

My favorite female character is Rangiku, of course! She real-ly cares about her friends and is a wonderful mature lady! I want to have a wonderful boss like her!!!

… Although Hitsugaya who has her as a subordinate, seemingly he cannot handle her capriciousness…

Especially, since in Japan the figures and costumes of such characters are popular, please be sure to look for your favorite figures in this site!!!

FYI, they say the title ‘BLEACH’ is named to highlight black, “by choosing the word associated with white, which is opposite of black that evokes the image of Death!” It’s a little bit of trivia!
Quite a number of fans don’t know about it, do they?

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