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Sometimes watching an anime makes me cry.
However, it always only happens in watching it at first……after the second time, I know how the story is going to be so I will cry much less, except for “CLANNAD” as I still cry many times if I see some specific scenes. Although I know the ending, I will still cry watching them.

Originally, a game maker “Key” made this PC game. It became super popular following the previous 2 works of “Kanon” and “AIR”.

Since it was known that high-leveled creators got together to make “crying games” (games with emotional scenarios), I knew that I would cry to some extent. Actually, the amount of the scenarios is huge, and it is required to take a lot of time to clear all, but I smiled and cried together as if I was following the main character’s life. Following the big popularity, it has been achieved to be transformed to other gaming ways like PS2 for the other consumers, comics, a movie anime, and a TV anime. Especially, the TV anime series made by Kyoto Animation consists of 44 episodes in total (2 cours* twice) and they are still the main episodes only so it’s really worth seeing.
(*“Cour” is derived from a French word originally, used as “3-month term in broadcasting” In this case, the TV anime series was on air for 12 months in total.)

“CLANNAD” means “family” in the Gaelic language……it is said so but there are many theories actually. One of them is the short term of “Clann as D” meaning “D’s family”. As for the “D”, there are 2 tentative theories; “dohbar” as in a town and “dango” as in Japanese sweets Dango. The both of them match the theme, as this is a story related to families happened in a town.

The main character Okazaki Tomoya often gets late to school and skips classes. He rarely communicates with his surrounding so he is acknowledged as a bad student.
One day, when he is walking up the slope leading to his school, he meets a girl Furukawa Nagisa, as the main heroine. The shy and weak Nagisa tends to be very isolated in her class because she repeats a year due to her long absence. In the first episode of TV anime, Tomoya and Nagisa work together for making a theatrical club and deepen their relationship, by solving troubles with the other heroines and bad friends.

This has a serious factor as well as a funny factor. Please just watch at the communication between Tomoya and Sunohara Youhei lazily, as they are just high school boys in puberty. Also, lazily watch the toilet seat cover too.

In the first season, Ichinose Kotomi is too cute for me.
She is a mysterious girl avoiding any human contacts although she has a top-level academic intelligence. Her favorite violin sounds a bit strange (in other words, she is not good at it), but she is satisfied with it.
Her unique atmosphere is somehow unrealistic, but at the same time, she is not just cute but has a kind of warm and comfortable atmosphere too. In the past, after arguing with her parents, they were killed in an accident. Since then, she studied hard to understand her parents’ thesis and is now called a genius girl.
The past trauma was reminded by an accident, and Kotomi hides in her big house…You better check out how Tomoya could save her.

In the second season (after the first season), drawn about the continuous story after his graduation from high school……the episode 18! It has so many unforgettable scenes to make you cry surely!! This story is mainly about Tomoya and Nagisa, so Kotomi and other heroines do not basically appear.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about this with details, but they marry and get a baby girl whose name is Ushio. Tomoya and Ushio travel together in episode 18...Actually, just after delivery, Nagisa passes away. The shocked Tomoya cannot get back to normal and lives with getting Ushio away from him since then. This trip of a father and a daughter starts with not a smooth conversation as they do not know how to communicate with each other. However, with a person they meet, Tomoya realizes his uselessness and apologizes to Ushio.

The voice actor of Ushio is more than perfect enough to make me cry...After the scene, when they are in a train, Tomoya tells Ushio about Nagisa for the first time in the next scene. Tomoya notices he is mentioning himself in a past sentence like “I used to be like this”, and he cannot stop crying, which always makes me cry so hard. If you have watched all until then, I am sure you will absolutely cry in this scene. I want you all to watch this anime until this scene! Also, I want you all to see after the scene too!

As a spoiler, I need to tell you that this ends with all the characters becoming happy, so please get excited, get sad, and cry until the end. I really recommend this anime for someone who doesn’t watch anime much, especially the adults having kids.

Just for your information, the movie version and the anime have different endings. If you are the Ushio lover, you better check the movie version too.

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