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Kanon is a romantic adventure game sold in 1999.
Although this is the adult-only game, it became famous due to a lot of emotional factors.

In 2002, this was adopted to TV anime. Not only that, this has been adopted to the other forms, including manga and novel.

The main character (player) is a 2nd-year high school student boy.

Due to his family circumstances, he needs to stay with his aunt, which is located in a northern area (as known as “a town of snow”).

Until 7 years ago, although he often visited his aunt’s house, he cannot remember what it was like.
When he visits her again, he meets his cousin Minase Nayuki after 7 years.

While she introduces the town, he meets 5 girls and gradually remembers his memory when he was little which he was about to forget completely.

Why did the main character (player) lose his memory? Why did he meet the 5 girls?
It will be revealed if you play the game.

All the appearing 5 girls have big problems, unhappiness, and dark past. When they meeting the main character (player), “miracles” happen.

“…It's called a miracle because it doesn't happen”.
“If there is a possibility even a little, it’s called a miracle”.

This is one of the most famous lyrics in this game.

There are not much difference in the whole stories between the game and the anime, but both of them will definitely move you a lot.
You might wonder if there are other adult-only games which make us cry like this, as it has a very deep scenario.

Personally, I love the scenario of Sawatari Makoto-chan.

She is a missing girl who doesn’t remember her own name after losing her all memory.
Suddenly she appears in front of the main character (player) and tries to beat him, saying “I will make you pay for what you have done”.

I thought at first that she was a girl who is obedient and mischievous, however, I got surprised when I knew her past while playing the game.

Also, I cannot tell you with details because it will be a spoiler to you, but the main character and Makoto hold a wedding ceremony on their own, which moved so much.

Of course, not only Makoto but also the other 4 girls have deep contents so you will get moved by them too.

Please play the game as well as watch the anime☆

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