Spice and Wolf (狼と香辛料)

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Kraft Lawrence is a peddler who vends various goods on carriage.

At a village he visited to buy wheat, Pasloe, the encounters a girl Holo, who was hidden in his carriage.

Surprisingly, Holo was a huge wolf who lived for a long time, and has a mysterious power to control harvest, mainly wheat!!! Holo was called god and she did her best for the harvest for a long time, but because of technology, she felt people don’t need her and wanted to go home.

And the thanksgivings day! She was on the wheat on the carriage of Lawrence, and got out of the village.
Lawrence knew Holo was a wolf, and goes on with her. The two encounter several incidents, and goes on to Holo’s hometown…

Spice and Wolf is an animation of Lawrence, who wants to have his own shop and Holo, who wants to go back to her hometown! (・∀・`*)

I will explain the main two attractive points of Spice and Wolf!

First, the animation describes with reality medieval Europe ★ Spice and Wolf is a fantasy but no warriors nor magicians appear. Everybody work to have a better life.

Lawrence goes on a trip to make his dream come true with his carriage, materials and “Holo”, a smart wolf who is his partner. Sometimes in mental games, he is deceived and loses money.

This animation describes real “society” and “economy” which is original, and you may be sentimental.

And in the animation, each time Lawrence and Holo come to a new village, they eat and drink a lot in stands or in bars, and enjoy their trip.

Watching those scenes, I can image them on a trip very well, and I feel as if I were travelling with them

Also, not only the foods but also the customs differ in each places. You can feel the history watching this animation♪

Second point is that the heartwarming relationship between Lawrence and Holo is described well (。・ω・。)

Lawrence and Holo finds many difficulties during their trip, but they help themselves to resolve. They are good partners!!

Two become more and more intimate and you can see that they are in love. But, it is described that they keep a certain distance in the animation.

Watching them, I feel itchy but want to look after them (*∩ω∩*)

Why not watching Spice and Wolf and travel with Lawrence and Holo?

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