Rozen Maiden (ローゼンメイデン)

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Rozen Maiden is a story that living antique dolls fight against to become “a perfect girl (Alice)”.

A junior high school student who doesn’t go out of his house, Sakurada Jun one day receives a direct mail written “Will you turn the screw or not ?”. By curiosity, Jun chooses “turn”, and the next day a deluxe leather bag arrives to his house.

Shinku”, an antique doll with beautiful blond hair was inside. She said she was “Rozen Maiden 5th doll”, and forces Jun to make a contract to become her servant. Of course, Jun cannot follow the story that a beautiful doll came to his house, talk and forces him for a contract.

Although, while Jun was denying the contract, other antique doll broke the glass of his room and entered to fight. The antique doll with black dress and beautiful silver hair said she was “Rozen Maiden 1st doll, Suigintou”, and tries to kill Shinku and everybody in relation with Shinku to become a perfect “Alice”!

…here, I wrote seriously about the story, but Rozen Maiden is interesting as a battle manga and the peaceful scenes with Shinku and others are interesting, too!

There are 7 Rozen Maiden, and their characters are all quite different!

The 1st doll, Suigintou is like an adult and likes fighting. The 2nd doll Kanaria says she is intelligent and escape battles if possible, but wants to be Alice (but most of her strategies don’t succeed). The 3rd doll and 4th doll, Suiseiseki and Souseiseki are twins made as a set, and help each other in fighting. The 5th doll Shinku is a bit spoiled but elegant, and she doesn’t like fighting and won’t start fighting. The 6th doll Hinaichigo is too young to fight. The 7th doll Kirakishou was made the last, so nobody knew her existence.

Every doll is far from being “a perfect girl (Alice)”, but it is unique and cute! My favorite is the animation! In the animation, the life without fighting is described well, and Shinku learns things from the TV or eats meals, and those scenes are healing!

Although, my heart hurts when battling… The dolls should gather their soul, the 7 “Rosa Mysticas” into one to become Alice. It means, they should steal other doll’s soul and get it inside them. Dolls who lose becomes a doll without soul, and cannot speak forever…

From 2016, Rozen Maiden 0 –Zero- is published, and the greatest mystery is about to be revealed! It is popular and still continuing, so please check (if possible the animation that I like) it out!

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