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Above all, do young people of these days know “Card Captor Sakura”? If you don’t know it, do not look for information and please read the original manga. I envy you because you can read it without any stereo type.

The original manga was on Clamp, it is a shojo manga (manga for young girls). The author changed the style of pictures and colors from the previous manga “Magic Knoght Rayearth” I thought, and was reading “Nakayoshi”, a monthly shojo manga magazine.

Kinomoto Sakura is 4th grade in elementary school and is good at sports. One day, she finds a mysterious book in the library of her father. Kerberos (Kero-chan), the sealed animal inside the book, told Sakura that magical cards “Clow Cards” made by a magician Clow Reed, were unsealed, and ask her to collect them before they occur misfortunes.

With Kerberos, Sakura’s best friend Daidouji Tomoyo or Syaoran related to Clow, Sakura does her best to collect all the cards. The story is royal road of shojo manga, and the personalities are cute, so it became popular soon after publishment. Especially, the costumes made by Tomoyo that Sakura wears are all cute. Sakura doesn’t change, but thanks to these costumes, she was a genuine “magical girl”. Tomoyo, taking video of the heroine was cute too. Even I, I wanted to be like Sakura and tried roller blades… but I quit it soon. (Sakura goes to school on roller blades and it seemed to be so cool)

At first, its animation was on BS (not all people could see it). As I couldn’t see it, I was very sad. Afterwards, when the animation was to be for everybody, I danced and reviewed several times Sakura using magic, and I dreamed Kero-chan to appear in front of me.

In the animation, original episodes or personalities are changed a bit, but mainly the same as the original manga. Ookawa Nanase of CLAMP writes the most stories, so I didn’t feel the difference between the original manga. And, Sakura moving and speaking was even cuter than I imagined… Sakura Tange (Yes! Her first name is Sakura too!), who take charge of Sakura’s voice, says “Hanyaaan”, and this satisfies me. I can smile only by reminding of it. By the way, a while after “Card Captor Sakura”, in another story of CLAMP “TSUBASA-RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-”, princess Sakura almost gave me hyperpnea because of excitement.

My favorite episode is 57th story of the animation. Only by listening to Syaoran’s personality song I couldn’t stop smiling, but the strongest combo of being captured in the elevator and Syaoran calling “Sakura” by the first name was so impressive, and I smile only by reminding of it. I feel that the producing team loves this story because both the manga and the animation are well-made. There are no dark factors, so you can read or watch it easily. When I was in trouble, I reminded of Sakura’s saying: “It’ll be ok. There won’t be any problem” and it was a great help. Nowadays, it continues on her life as junior high school student, but please read the manga and watch the animation before it! I long it as a fan of Sakura!! Please take your time and enjoy the masterpiece which was very popular!!

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