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“Puella Magi Madoka Magica” that is a recent exceptionally successful late night anime. Even if you haven’t watched the TV anime, you might have heard of it.

It aired as an anime series from January, 2013 at first.
The cute magical girls designed by Aoki Ume who is famous for “Hidamari Sketch.” Probably many people guessed that it is a bildungsroman of them helping each other. So did I. However, it utterly went against my expectations on the third episode.

Since the script was written by Urobuchi Gen-san who wrote “Fate/Zero”, I was ready to see realistic episodes that make me want to avert my eyes, but it came much earlier than I had expected. I couldn’t expect that the story would get murkier and murkier.

In addition, they intended to hide the fact that Urobuchi Gen-san had written the script not letting the audience know the development of the story. But they gave up because the rumor got around.
I understand… If you know his distinctive works, you wouldn’t think this series is just a cheerful and happy story with cute characters.

The main character is an ordinary eighth-grader named Madoka Kaname. One night, she dreamed she met an unfamiliar lovely girl fighting.
A strange white creature (Kyubey) told Madoka who couldn’t help the girl with wounds…

"I want you to form a contract with me and become magical girls!!"

Madoka woke up then. And the beautiful girl from her dream called Homura Akemi was transferred to Madoka’s school and told her that she shouldn’t be a magical girl whatever happens… It’s the beginning of the story.

Madoka is rather a bystander than one who behaved on their own.
While her friend Sayaka-chan becomes a magical girl and Homura-chan is still mysterious, a shrewd salesman called Kyubey often asks her to make a contract with him and become a magical girl.

Eventually, Kyubey’s real aim and Homura-chan’s real intention are revealed… Madoka kept wavering and when she finally made a decision, all the foreshadowing and Homura-chan’s feelings had been disclosed. So I was deeply moved and couldn’t stop crying…!

The opening theme “Connect” is also great! If you believe this song is about Homura-chan, you should cry while listening to it…

The TV series was completed, and I wondered how they would make a new episode after that incredible last episode when they announced they would make a sequel as a movie.
Even if you haven’t watched the TV series, you can enjoy the movie. But it’s better to watch it after watching the TV series. You should be moved by Homura-chan’s heavy love.

By the way, my favorite character is… I’m afraid to say it is not one of the main characters, I like Madoka’s mom. Of course, she doesn’t transform into anything! But she takes part in the story at important points. Besides, she is so cool because she is a career woman. (Madoka’s dad is a stay-at-home househusband.) I didn’t think Madoka is like her mom, but I noticed she took after her mom’s kind personality and guts.

The ending of the story! I’m so sad that I can’t talk about the details because it could be a spoiler.

You should enjoy the story around a girl, Madoka Kaname!

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