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The high school girls belonging to the light music club drink tea, eat cakes, occasionally practice, and talk each other. Once written, it is just such things. But "Is this really okay?" is my anxiety...

K-ON is the anime that leisurely describes such irreplaceable every days life.(*^ω^)

It was originally four-panel cartoon. Get a big hit when animated in 2009.★

The stage of such "K-ON!" is private Sakuragaoka girls’ high school.

The light music club is on the verge of abolition. All of the previous members were graduated, that is, the club will be abolished by the failure of gathering at least four new club members until the end of this month.
Thus, Ritsu Tainaka, had wanted to enter the light music club, became a new founder and let Mio Akiyama enter the club almost forcibly.

Then, Tsumugi Kotobuki (Mugi) who came to the music room in where Ritsu and Mio were. She thought the room as the practice location of choir club by mistake. Ritsu endeavored to persuade Mugi to become a member, and she succeeded. (*’ー’)

Just one more person will save the club from the verge of abolition!!!

At that time, Yui Hirasawa, thinking that the light music club is the place for doing music lightly, entered the club as the fourth member.\(*^▽^*)ノ

The four members of the club in such circumstances start their music activity from zero, getting free instruments for the first, practice, training camp, and participating in the school festival.
Then one year has passed...
Ritsu, Mio, Mugi, Yui were promoted to the second grade, and they welcome Azusa Nakano as a new club member. The light music club will be active by those five members until the graduation of Yui and the same grade members.
The story depicting the friendship and young heart of the five girls belonging to LMC (Light Music Club), that is the anime K-ON! (´∇`)ノ

I think there are three charm points in such K-ON!

The first charm point is the distinctive characters.

The main character Yui Hirasawa at the first, LMC founding member Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka, Tsumugi Kotobuki (Mugi) , and the rookie Azusa Nakano, all characters have each charm and the power that makes you feel each of them is lovely.

Since the personality of each character is firmly reflected in the action and behavior in the anime, I am sure that you will definitely think that "I wish if there were such a girl actually."

The second is the empathetic story.

It has animated the everyday life of high school girls. That anime makes us feel that "It remind me of my high school days" or "If I could have spent my high school life as in the anime". ♪

In addition, not only laughter, members friendship, mutual assistance, and growth, there are many scenes that we involuntarily weep for.

Laughter and tears! I dare say this work truly rocks our heart. (≧д≦)
The third, music.

The music with lovely words and nimble tempo, you can't forget once you heard, I think. ♪

The scene of everyday life, of course, and also a live scene at the school festival is recommended.

My best recommendation song is “Fuwa Fuwa Time (fluffy fluffy time)”!!! Everyone Please have a listen!

Story, characters, music, K-ON! is full of fun.

Everyone, please look this exciting anime.

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