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Aikatsu is what we say girls’ anime, broadcasted from October 2012 to March 2016 for over 4 years.

The anime has 4 series and 178 episodes in total, with a variety of contents!

A normal junior high school girl who is a daughter of parents owning a bento shop, Hoshimiya Ichigo wants to get a live concert ticket of a top idol Kanzaki Mizuki for her younger brother. She decides to ask about this to her best friend Kiriya Aoi, who is familiar with idols.

After finally getting the ticket, Ichigo, her younger brotheRand Aoi are going to Mizuki’s concert together.
Ichigo gets shocked at Mizuki shining at the stage.

At the time, Aoi knows that the famous idol nurturing school “Starlight School” will have an admission test, and asks Ichigo to take the test together.

Their test results are successfully passed! Ichigo and Aoi hit the first step towards the success story as idols.
At the school, they met a current kid idol Shibuki Ran.

Ichigo, Aoi, and their new friend Ran are acting idol activities called “Aikatsu*” hard together…
(* “Aikatsu”, used in this anime, is derived from Japanese words “Idol Katsudou”. Katsudou means activities.)

This is a story with girls trying hard on Idol activities or “Aikatsu”, and growing up together! Yes, this is the Aikatsu!

I think the attractiveness of Aikatsu! is characters!

While Ichigo and other members are doing Aikatsu, many girls are appearing as rivals.

When you hear rivals, you would imagine something negative such as they have severe fights, or they are jealous of each other. However, all the girls appearing in Aikatsu! are working hard to become shining idols.
I understand and feel like supporting them.
Although they are rivals, if we see they are also trying hard straight to their goal, I can’t stop supporting them like the main characters.

I am sure that you will get moved once you see the girls competing with each other and improving each other.

This is known as a girls’ anime, but in Japan, this is super popular to adults too, as there is a word of “Aikatsu! Ojisan” (means adults who go to like this work after getting old, not when they are little. Although this says Ojisan or old guys, this can be a general word including ladies!)!

Why don’t you do Aikatsu with cute girls together?

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