To Love-Ru (To LOVEる -とらぶる-)

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Glimpse over catching a glimpse of cute girls (in other words… all can be seen)
Typical love story with tingling sensation… but still erotic!!!

This is the popular wham-bam love comedy “To Love-Ru”, which was running in Weekly Shonen Jump!!

A main character Yuki Rito suddenly became a candidate of a queen from a star in the space, “Lala Stalin Deciluke”.
Typical yet surprising, wham-bam love comedy is revolved around the story, with Rito’s friends.
Cute girls around Rito have a kindness for him a lot. And, he falls to ground and his head is somehow into a girl’s skirt inside. This typical love comedy is also enjoyable!

This manga’s must-check point is still a radical scene of “Ecchii*”!
A cute girl with blond hair was captured by tentacles, and the slippery tentacles are squeezing her body. Those scenes appeared a lot in the manga. How one of the heroines “Konjiki no Yami” says “I hate Ecchii” is also so cute!!
I can’t stop cheering up the tentacles, saying “Yes, go ahead!”… lol
(*“Ecchii” is a Japanese abbreviation of Hentai from the first letter H, meaning of “naughty and erotic”.)

As we are surprised like “Weekly Shonen Jump has this running!?” how it describes naked bodies and erotic scenes are … crazy (there are a lot)!! The picture drawer in charge Yabuki-sensei draws girls so cutely! And, the Ecchii scenes are very good.
The characters in the last half are crazily super cute, as I want to get another set of all this manga for stock.

Personally Momo Velia Deviluke is my recommendation, who is a cute girl with pink hair looking pure but actually evil-minded as planned!
I know I cannot be her boyfriend, but I still like her painfully.
Girls who’re in love are so cute…actually pure yet erotic is a foul!!!

You are allowed to see cute girls’ underwear, naked bodies, and even listen to their dirty voices… Let’s enjoy all in this manga, as this is not allowed in this three dimension world!! (・∀・) All the 18 volumes are worth reading, and also the successor is running and animated! No one will get unsatisfied with this! Let’s enjoy this typical love comedy together!

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