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Japan got shaken in 1997!!

I only saw what was like in Osaka Nihonbashi, so this may be an exaggeration. I remember well and clearly that an opening theme song of computer version, “Brand-new Heart” and the demonstration videos were sweeping everywhere.

A game called “To Heart” made a novel-style picture story show broadened so we can say that it has highly contributed to Japan’s adult games.
Leaf, which is the game producer of To Heart, has created 2 novel games, but both of them have a strong factor of dark fantasy.

However, To Heart is a traditional love simulation game which enables us to enjoy love affairs with cute girls. (This is an adult game you know!)
After that, anime version, a change for general consumers… this work has been adapted to other media to get popular to many people.

To Heart is very great with high-quality scenarios, as it is often said, “Does this adult game need this particular scenario?”.
It is normal to cry and get moved by reading novel games, while this work made in the 1990s is highly evaluated still now with focusing on each character, in spite of dark progress or fantasy stories.

The most famous heroine in this work is a maid robot, Multi. This pure and beautiful girl, who sometimes makes a blunder, has a characteristic of being a robot with other several characteristics. This entertained many young men at that time, as it’s known as something over the “uncanny valley”. (This is super wonderful scenario, well-told as the original of “crying games”, meaning “too good to get moved and cry”!)

Other than that, every setting is good enough to become a template of the other current novel-style picture story shows and high standard settings are varied from mysterious witch girls to old friends.
The successor “To Heart2” is different from this game including the pictures by Misato Mitsumi. But if you should play only the second version, why don’t you play the first version as well?

This game is positioned as the top of the romantic novel games. To confirm that this evaluation is not made by 30’s men as their hobby, why don’ you please try once?

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