Strike Witches (ストライクウィッチーズ)

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Strike witches is an anime based on the illustration column about personified weapons of Air Force and Army during the world war.

It is a tightly written SF work where witches (they can use a variety of the witchcraft such as healing witchcraft!) ride on a witch broom called a strikers unit (Its appearance is a machine no matter how to look.) and perform beautiful dogfight with enemy threatening the world of witches.

The machines for the witches, and the witchcraft in the near future. At first glance, it is the world full of contradictions. However, the depiction of the battle scene is quite wonderful. The video scene with full of speed will pull much of the audience into the story world.

Essentially this work is an orthodox SF. In 2007, it was chosen as the recommendation work of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

You might look at the girls flying in the sky exposing their underpants, but that is, in fact, short pants. This is the serious work received the recommendation of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Cat ears and a tail of a witch girl will come out when she use the witchcraft. These physical changes are the characteristic feature of a witch, not for Moe adamantly. This is the serious work received the recommendation of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

In the battle scene, you might be worried about the camera work to follow girl’s hip unduly. However, this is the serious work received ... (omitted)

Apart from the question of the Agency of Cultural Affairs' thinking, the story depicted with an overwhelming sense of scale has a lot of deeply rooted fan, and a lot of new coterie magazines have been issued at the time of every event.

It is true that the witch girls' underpants are sometimes completely visible and they often have cat ears, but their serious hearts are real things.

This is not just a silly and fun work from the beginning to the end. When you caught a glimpse of the witch girls' growth or encountered the scene their feelings become one through the fight, you feel something precious at that moment.

(Personally, I love Erica Hartmann very much. Please pay attention to her action! Even in fighting! Do not release your eyes! Yeah!)

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