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Love Plus is a dating simulation game sold for Nintendo DS.

The characters appearing in this game is 3 high school student girls of Anegasaki Nene, Takane Manaka, and Kobayakawa Rinko.

A player meets each of these girls in a new town after moving and makes a special memory only for you and the friend. Once the distance is getting closer, a girl proposes. If you accept the proposal, you will be able to start a new life as a partner.

I understand that you want to enjoy more time with them as a player…but if you cannot get proposed by girls for more than 100 days since you start playing, you will be forced to graduate, which means that the player gets ‘game over’.

Talking of the dating simulation game, there are many games with a goal of “becoming a partner with girls”, but in this game, you can enjoy a normal life after knowing that you and the girl like each other, as one of the features of this game.

Also, once you two become partners, you can choose ‘real time mode’ which occurs events depending on the time you spent by synchronizing the Nintendo DS’s clock, or ‘skip mode’ which you can spend a lot of sweet days with her by controlling like friendship mode.

If you select the real time mode, the spending hours and the virtual hours become the same and you can enjoy the game more realistically.

For example, if a player is playing the game in spring, you can go out with the girls in a town with cherry blossoms blown in the air. If it is in summer, you can walk around in a town with dandelions blooming…You can spend with girls in the same season with the reality.

Another feature of this game is that there is a function that girls call your name.
This is not a synthesis system but a real voice recorded by the voice actors, which makes me feel super real!

The names they can say is a bit limited, so if your name is rare, being called in your full name may be difficult. However, some general names are most likely okay to be called!
Other than that, you can communicate by touching girls’ hair, forehead, and ears with your touch pen.

These well-considered specific functions make the game more realistic!

Also, last yet not least, the girls appearing there are attractive! You will get excited with their expressions and gestures through small communications.

Especially, I love Rinko! She is a little bit naughty girl but shows her cute side when it comes to her favorite cats to get her excited. The gap moved me to death…

Rinko is basically acting bluntly, but she is originally very honest and lonely.
If you see her, you will also feel like protecting her for sure!

Why don’t you play Love Plus and be in love with girls?

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