Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (Oreimo) (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない)

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The main character Kyousuke Kousaka is a very normal high school student boy.

He is good at sports and intelligent. Although he has a cute younger sister Kirino, who is a junior high school student as well as a magazine model, their good relationship in their childhood went bad as they do not greet with each other now. (。>д<。)

One day, Kyousuke found DVD cases of anime on the floor at their home entrance, which is about magical girls! Moreover, a game for adults was also there… Kyousuke, who were sure that they are Kirino’s, gave the DVD cases and the DVD to Kirino, without asking her anything.

After a while, Kirino says to him, “I need your advice about my life”, and she comes out that she loves “Moe”* animes and games about beautiful girls. (@_@;)
Kyousuke gets surprised to hear this from her suddenly but understands her and promises to cooperate with her as much as he can if she needs his help.
(*Moe is a Japanese word meaning “super cute” which is often used to describe cute young girls in anime by men.)

Kyousuke thinks, “A friend for Kirino is necessary, who can talk about anything without hiding her Otaku hobby”, and asks this to Manami Tamura, who is his old friend. (`・ω・´) Based on her advice, Kirino registers to a community of Otaku on SNS and attends a meet-up.

This anime is about their bond getting back through her connection with Kuroneko (Ruri Gokou) and Saori Makishima met in the meet-up.(*´・∀・*)

The attractiveness of this Moe anime to a younger sister “Oreimo” is that we can feel te love between them I think.

Although Kyousuke says “I hate my sister Kirino, and she must hate me as well”, he still thinks she is an important family member to be protected well as a brother.

There is a scene in anime that Kyousue says “Kirino smiling with her family, as a model, as a nerdy girl, and Kirino enjoying friends are all Kirino, and she cannot be Kirino if one of them are not complete”. This scene made me feel their love, and this is one of my most favorite words. (ノωヽ。)゚ Also, in the beginning of this manga, Kirino called Kyosuke “hey” “you”, but after opening her mind to him, she starts calling him “my brother” although this is a bit too radical★
Her look is vert cute and you will definitely get excited at her!!

We always love girls who always show cold attitudes but sometimes show her lovely-dovely attitude…!!!

I am sure you will get moved by Kyousuke, who is trying hard to his sister as a brother, as well as Kirino, who is opening her mind gradually!

Would you like the cute sister Kirino to get pushed around by watching anime Oreimo? The surprising last episode is waiting for you…!!! (*∩ω∩*)

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