Infinite Stratos (インフィニット・ストラトス)

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In this animation, “Infinite Stratos” (abbreviated IS), a powered suit that only women can control, exist.

Although, the hero Orimura Ichika succeed to use IS regardless of being a man. It is the first time in the world that a man succeed to use IS! Therefore, he is forced to enroll “IS Academy”, a school for IS operators.

There are representatives from all over the world, and everyone is girl!!!!!

Enemies suddenly attack, the mystery of IS, and love with cute girls.

What will happen to Orimura Ichika…???

High speed school-life battle and love comedy with mechanics and cute girls!!!!
This is animation, Infinite Stratos (*´・∀・)

In the first series of animation, the hero encounters and talk with girls. In the second series the girls fight for love for Orimura Ichika, and the mysterious enemy organization fights for him too!

Infinite Stratos, the royal-road harem animation’s allure is in its personalities!!!

Shinonono Houki loves Orimura Ichika, her friend of childhood, but cannot be meek and mild. Huang Lingyin, who loves Orimura Ichika and came to Japan to enroll IS Academy. Cecilia Alcott and Laura Bodewig didn’t like Orimura Ichika at first, but soon start to love him. Charlotte Dunois, a mysterious student from other school, has problems in her family.

In the animation, there are mainly 5 cute girls.

Every personality is unique and attractive, but…

I like Shinonono Houki the best ヾ(*・∀・)/!!!

Her home is Shinonono Shrine, also used as training room of kendo. She has practiced kendo since she was small, and she even got the first prize of Japan!

So, she is strong and active! She loves Orimura Ichika, but cannot be meek and mild and speaks strongly to him.

She is strong and boyish, but she is good at houseworks!!! In the animation, Shinonono Houki makes delicious foods! And her figure is beautiful!

I am attracted by her gap…!!!!

You will cheer her up, watching how she loves only Orimura Ichika, even if she is clumsy (≧∇≦*)

In the animation, not only Shinonono Houki but also other cute girls battle, study and love, and become meeker and milder. You should be attracted by them!

Battle! Love! School Life! Are all in this animation, Infinite Stratos! Please check it out (〃'ω')★

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