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I’ve always liked manga or animation about ninja, and I was found of “Failure Ninja Rantarou” or “Basilisk”. Although it has ended, I’ve just started to love “NARUTO”, the legendary Jump masterpieceヽ(・w・)!!!!! (Congrats for the end! But I’ve not finished reading yet! Sorry!)

It is a story at an imaginative village of ninjas. Uzumaki Naruto, a failure ninja, aims to be like “Hokage”, his model and the leader of the village.

Personally I prefer manga to animation, but the battles among ninjas or action scenes are sooooo cool (๑º ロ º๑) !!!

It is a manga, but you will get excited by the detail of the story or development of the story! Every ninja fights for his/her own belief or will, and it is not as simple as “good” or “bad”. The personalities fight against others, so sometimes you may even cheer the enemy! You may even love some enemies because of their monologues. This is why I love this story. (´∀`@)♪

Naruto has a magical power of “Kyubi” (monster fox with nine tails), and he has been bullied or disliked because of it. And this is a key point of this enormous story which continues from the past.

Talking about the birth of Naruto, there is a touching episode of his parents trying to save him. There is another story about this. Kishimoto, the writer said, “I couldn’t write this story when I was young and not married. After being married, having a child and listened to the story of my wife about my child’s birth, I finally could write this.” He described the real love between parents and child, and this is why this episode makes me cry. ゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

Also, it is moving to watch amity or love among personalities. (/ω\*) For example, Naruto, the hero of this manga and Uchiha Sasuke, who was at the same class as Naruto and making fun of him to be a failure ninja don’t hear good each other at all. But when Naruto is in danger, Sasuke does everything to save him, and even when everybody doubted Sasuke to be a spy, Naruto believed he wasn’t until the end. ゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

The amity between Naruto and Gaara, an enemy ninja from the village of wind is so hot too! He has a monster Ichibi (monster fox with one tail) as well as Naruto, is confused and in a lost looking Naruto for having friends unlike him… It is also touching to see him save the member of his village

From number 28 to 30, revived Gaara said “I revived thanks to Chiyoba and friends!”. I was happy to see him revive and also thought “Finally you understood people around you or people who saved you are friends! ゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 Good for you Gaara! ゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。” I couldn’t stop crying.

As there are many numbers, I am reading little by little, but you can also read all in once without sleeping! Even after the last episode, NARUTO is popular all over the world! It’s a pity you don’t know this manga! You there who haven’t read this, it’s never too late to read this!

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