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Yuruyuri is a masterpiece which made a big wave in recent yuri animations,

  • yuri= love or strong relationship between girls ☆

At first, the manga was on a magazine specialized in yuri mangas called Comic Yurihime, and was always the most popular and was animated for its popularity.

No1 in yuri magazine means the king (queen) of yuri. (゚Д゚ノ)ノ

Maybe you will imagine of hard lesbian manga, but

junior high-school students in “Goraku club”:

Akari Akaza
Kyouko Toshinou
Yui Funami
Chinatsu Yoshikawa

Those four girls and other girls in students’ president club’s daily life with laughter and yuri is described.

As its name “yuru” yuri, the relationship among girls are described softly, which is an attractive point of this manga ♪

Ayano, who has her heart beating too strong for Kyouko
is a good example. Invited by Kyoko and expecting good things, she is forced to sell things at Comic Market. The next year, she expected to be invited but finally didn’t. I smile when she is used by Kyouko (。-∀-)

I especially love Sakuhima couple (Sakurako and Himawari). Himawari says ill of Sakurako, but actually she is in love with her. It burns my heart.

Gasp! This should be moe!!! (ノ゚ρ゚)ノ This is how people start to love yuri (ノ゚ω゚)ノ*Oooooooh

Oups, I’ve forgot about Akari, sorry…

Akari Akaza, the heroin is often forgotten by people and called as air personality (easily ignored)!!

In playing Othello, she can erase the existence of her piece, or not aimed by water gun.

She wrote “I want not to be ignored” as a wish at tanabata. Bouhou it’s soo sad o(;△;)o

She is easily ignored, but kind, even in king game and when she can make orders!!!

And she is a little bit fizzle.

For example a ball hits her face, or when she wants to buy something at the vending machine, she gets black coffee…

You will try to protect her watching these scenes!

Many unique and cute girls like this appears and talk to each other. Your heart will get warmed!

“Yuru Yuri”, the daily life animation of cute girls!

Please check it out ★

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