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“Anime version of Evangelion” is a work well known to everybody.

Many anime fans got crazy to the battles with enemies in “TOKYO-3”, the third new Tokyo city with full of high technology! (・∀・)
In 2015 of the near future (when it was broadcasted), Ikari Shinji was asked to come by his father suddenly, and assigned to be a pilot of Evangelion, which is a human formed weapon constructed confidentially in TOKYO-3. And, while he was battling without understanding, he is looking for the identity of assailants “Angels”, and his own existence meaning.

What you really care in this work is of course Evangelion (°∀°)b.
Especially the impact of Unit-01 in the first episode was strong, and I really got surprised at the dynamic movement!! (  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;) The biggest feature of Evangelion is to be able to raise “A.T. Field”, which blocks any attacks. With this barrier, he battles with “Angels”, which is normally too strong with normal weapons. (`・ω・´)ゞ

All the “Angels” invading TOKYO-3 are unique. Thanks to the “Angels” invading in a different way every time, we cannot stop watching them until the end! (・ω・)/ Also, the highly- reviewed battle must be “Operation Yashima”.
This operation was held to “the Fifth Angel Ramiel”, which is undefeatable with massive power and impregnable defense, and I am so impressed at this. (≧▽≦) This is exactly what makes us feel that Katsuragi Misato is the right operations director. o (^▽^)o

By the way, there is something which cannot be removed from our topic, when we talk about this work.
It is an important story about whether Ayanami Rei or Asuka Langley should be supported as heroine?

Personally I like the Tsundere* girl Asuka!
As an Evangelion pilot, she has a high technique and confidence, while she often shows us the age-appropriate girl’s attitude and actions. Her 2 different characteristics are so adorable!
Not only this, but also she is a quarter Japanese beautiful girl, as one of her attractive points! (=⌒▽⌒=) She is intelligent enough to have graduated from university although she is still 14, which is also good!(^-^)/
She appeared a bit late as a heroin, but it didn’t let us feel so thanks to her outstanding.
(*Tsundere is a Japanese word, meaning “cold and hot whenever she wants to be”.)

Different from the active Asuka, another heroine Rei is a mysterious girl.
Although she appeared a lot as the same Evangelion pilot, Shinji-kun and we are confused to know what she is thinking about.
However, when she tells us her feeling, and we see her originally gentle actions, we are drawn to her attractiveness! Especially the conversation with Shinji during the battle with the Fifth Angel Ramiel made us notice her hidden attractiveness!
She is a key lady in the story, so although she is difficult for us to understand compared with the late comer Asuka, that’s the part we like!

Bright Asuka! Mysterious Rei! Which do you want to be in love with?!

What? Mari?
I didn’t know that you also love someone with glasses…!!! (°∀°)
Every time if Evangelion is out on theater, more and more attractive characters are coming, and this confuses us!
But I can’t express enough! So, please understand how much she is popular, with a lot of her items of Doujin Republic!

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