MONSTER HUNTER (モンスターハンター)

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MONSTER HUNTER is a hunting action game sold in 2004.

This is a monster hunting game which appears with one-handed swords (shield and sword), dual blades, great swords, lances, hammers, bow guns etc.
As the series go on, more and more weapons are added, and currently, we can use more than 10 kinds of weapons as more and more powerful monsters appear.

The attractiveness of MONSTER HUNTER is co-operative online play. As I used to play MONSTER HUNTER Portable often, I and my friends always got together at a park and hunt together.

Our common word is “Let’s hunt together”. ヽ(・∀・)ノ

I yearned for hunters who can slay super cool dragons like Rathalos and Rathian. The material I wanted rarely appeared, and I was playing the game for hours a day.|ω・)
However, I was not able to hunt strong monsters when I started playing, and I was always choosing Yian Kut-Ku Sensei* and save more than 99 each material. (`Д´)
(*Sensei is a Japanese word, meaning “teacher”. Since Yian Kut-Ku is easy to be hunted, I learned how to hunt monsters when I debut as a hunter from him. That’s how I started calling him as “Teacher”.)

I played MONSTER HUNTER Portable from the first generation to the third generation, almost for 2000 hours in total. However, there are crazier people more than me, and my friend played 25 hours a day. lol
I know he hunted so much but I thought it is impossible to do that much. |ω・)

Hunting is, of course, enjoyable, but I feel Felyne (AIROU) and Melynx (MERAROU) helping to make foods for hunters and follow to hunt are very cute.(´ω`*)
We can make their names to hunt together, and change their equipment too. Each pattern of cats is different so I found and raised my favourite cat.

Of course, they are cute and very popular with many varieties of goods.(´ω`*)
By the way, if you are interested in spinoff games and anime of Felyne (AIROU) and Melynx (MERAROU)!

I feel like playing MONHUN again after a while.(´ω`*)I will do it once I get home. |ω・)

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