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Sailor Moon is the first work in the world describing the general idea of manga (anime) of “a battling Maho-Shojo (magical girl)”, which started as a running manga in 1990s. There were some works like “girls transform themselves with magic” before, but the idea like “girls transform themselves with magical power and battle with devils” was firstly created in this work!

The main character Tsukino Usagi is a normal high school student girl. However, suddenly “a cat speaking our human language (Luna)” appeared and said “Please transform (to a magical girl) and battle against devils.”!

( ´・ω・)…Is this…? Some of you may feel like the starting scene of Puella Magi Madoka Magica is similar… But it is true! These trends of “a mascot-like character asks and the main girl transforms and battles without knowing anything” can be seen in Pretty Cure Series too. Now in 2016, Sailor Moon is broadcasted again, but I am still impressed, like how can this way of unfolding stories be thought in 1990s!

The friends’ characters are also outstanding, which trends may have been created in Sailor Moon! A little bit clumsy yet kinder than anyone else and righteous Usagi, cool and intelligent Ami, princess-like and cool-beauty Rei, boyish Makoto, and Minako, who got crush on anyone easily but vivacious (and more and more characters after that). Those attractive characters are getting to battle together!

These characteristics work well especially in battling! In battling with enemies, each character is clearly shown (Ami and Makoto are the one moving carefully, while Usagi, Rei and Minako are the one moving first and thinking later. Those three tend to fall into the enemies’ traps after starting something… although Usagi is the leader of all…), so battling scenes in anime are more enjoyable! Different from manga, there are longer battling scenes, and we can feel satisfied a lot with the attractiveness of the characters!

I personally like Minako-Chan! I used to feel Ami-Chan was my yarning lady with her grown-up character (when I was little). However, Minako-Chan’s vivacious character is what I feel very good! Yes, she’s so cute! I obediently feel like “I want to see her great success”! All of you will find your favorite character for sure! Please check the anime of Sailor Moon once and find your favorite character!

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