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Japan is occupied as area 11 by Holy Britannian Empire. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is a story of 2 boys living there, Lelouch and Suzaku, rebelling differently to Holy Brotannian Empire.

The hero of this story, Lelouch is 11th prince of Holy Britannian Empire, and was sent to Japan as a diplomatic hostage when he was small. He is considered to be dead as well as his sister Nunnally for the empire to invade Japan. He conceals being prince and he is a high school student at Ashford Academy of area 11.

He wanted to revenge the empire for having killed his mother and for robbing freedom and light from his sister. One day, he became a terrorist “Zero”, with help of a mysterious girl C.C.’s power to obey absolutely “Geass”, concealing himself with a masl and a cloak. He tries to occur a revolution in Holy Britannian Empire.

Another boy, Suzaku, is son of last prime minister of Japan but take part in Britannian army as Honorary Britannian. Pursuing ideal and truth to the world, he manipulates Knightmare Frame “Lancelot” to reform the empire from the inside and conflict with his best friend, Lelouch.

The conflicting way of the 2 juveniles will change the world!

Please watch how Lelouch struggles!

Code Geass is a robot animation which a robot called Knightmare Frame battles, a school life animation, political animation and picaresque roman at the same time. Watch out the numerous personalities of the story!

Not only Lelouch and Suzaku, but there are many attractive personalities like a mysterious beautiful girl C.C.! Kozuki Karen, a competent pilot of “The Black Knights” organized by “Zero”, Nunnally, kind girl, Euphemia li Britannia, half-sister of Lelouch, etc.

My favorite is Shirley Fenette, a member of Ashford Academy’s students’ club and swimming club. She is in love with Lelouch and her attitude is so pure!

Code Geass Series are developed in TV animation “Lelouch of the Rebellion” and “Lelouch of the Rebellion R2”, theater animation in EU “Akito the Exiled”, manga, game, musical, slot game, or comical drama CD which is difficult to imagine from its serious story.
Enjoy Code Geass from every aspect!

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