Tsushima Yoshiko

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“Is it... On Earth ? So, does this mean you are sordid and coarse human ?”
“I am Yohane! Don’t call me Yoshikooo!!”

Yohane, …Tsushima Yoshiko plays a role of a fallen angel from the sky, ad she is a 1st grade girl in high school !

As she was so beautiful, the God became jealous about her and stole her luck and she became fallen angel and came to humans’ world… This is the role she plays. Actually, Yoshiko-chan is an unlucky girl (when she goes to excursion it rains, and when she walks the road she falls into ditch, etc.), and reflects the character as Yohane and plays the role! (By the way, she calls her fan little daemons and takes care of them!)

Her hobby is to wear clothes like a little daemon and her specialty is game and magic! (Magic?! But Love Live Sunshine!! Is a usual school life animation and she hasn’t used magic yet, nor from now on… I guess) She wears cool clothes rather than cute ones, and it goes well on her cool face! You can check her fashion on the game Love Live ! School Idol Festival.

She first appears in story 1. She appeared in front of Takami Chika and Watanabe You who were inviting people to school idol club! From the top of a tree!!! … The reason why she was on the tree is yet to be solved. But, Yoshiko-chan seems to be very interested in the activities of school idols. In story 3 when Chika-chan and her friends do their first live, Yoshiko-chan receives the flier even not saying anything, and even when the weather was sooo bad on the day, she came even before it starts.

In introducing herself, the called herself Yohane, not Tsushima Yoshiko, and didn’t come to school because of the shame. But when she watched Aqours’ first live, her face was shining with joy. How will she be involved in Aqours?

Yohane is cool and Yoshiko is cute! Even among Love Live personalities, she is impressive, so let’s become little daemons and cheer her up with me!

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