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Kousaka Honoka is the second-grade student of Otonogizaka Gakuin high school and she accidentally knows that the school will be closed down after three years. She thinks that "The only way to avoid closing down is to increase the number of prospective students." and she goes to action.

Then, Honoka makes a reconnaissance of UTX high school and is shocked to see the presence of the "School idol". (゚Д゚ノ)

"I will establish the school idol club to save the school from the crisis of being closed down!!!!"

Honoka makes up her mind to do so and engage in the activity as a group "μ's" with her close friends Minami Kotori, Sonoda Umi

To begin "school idol" activity, various problems obstruct their way ...

Nishikino Maki, Hoshizora Rin, and Koizumi Hanayo of the first-grade

and Toujou Nozomi, Ayase Eri, and Yazawa Nico of the third-grade

above six girls are added to the group member and they start the activities of the school idols with full power. (*・ω・)

In order to participate the idol festival, "Love Live!", they work hard at their training!!

The anime that depicts nine girls’ devotion of their youth to such a school idol club, is Love Live.

I think the charm of Love Live is mainly three points.

The first point is the characters.

The expressions of the characters richly portray their feelings. So, I think it is no doubt that you easily empathize with them.

Many attractive characters appear. ♪ You can't help cheering them!

The second point is the story itself.

The story with the unusual combination of the idol activity plus friendship, effort and victory is unfolded in nimble tempo. So it is very interesting.

I'm sure that you will be moved by nine girls' attitude to aim the same goal together.

The third point is the live scenes and the music.
The songs with a nice rhythm that you hum unconsciously and the innocent lyrics are very attractive. (人>ω<*)

The live scenes are beautifully depicted. So, I'm sure that you feel as if "μ's" is performing live in front of your eyes!!!

By the way, I am a rooter of Yazawa Nico who is famous for “Nico Nico Niiiiiii♪”. (゚▽゚*)

The gap between Nico's attitude to stick to be an idol and the contraries such as her home environment and dark past...

I am moved by her attitude for scrupulous endeavor... !!!!!

I will support the space number one idol Niconiii from now on. ★

Let's cheer together the μ's shining even the anime is over!!!

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